Living in Lincolnshire

Student Advice

Here you’ll find articles written by student about their experiences of the county as well as loads of handy tips to help you find your dream career!

Lincoln castle walls with flag in sunlight

Affordable activities to do in Lincoln

With summer coming up but budgets being tight as a student, here’s some of my favourite affordable activities to do in and around Lincoln. Walk the castle wallsWhen exploring uphill Lincoln, along with being able to walk inside the castle…
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Blue T-Shirt with the word Volunteer on the back

Volunteering opportunities in Lincoln

Volunteering is a great way to network, gain experience, gain confidence and looks great on a CV. As things start to open up more across Lincoln, more opportunities will be available for participation. How to find opportunitiesFrom my own experience…
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Things to consider when searching for a graduate job

Life after university can be rather daunting. Suddenly, after years of education and the structure it provides, you are tasked with finding a job and navigating the world of work. It can sometimes be a little tricky, so here is a…
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