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As a highly-skilled graduate, you have the power to make a difference! Use this page to explore a wide range of Lincolnshire-based businesses. You never know, you might find your dream career!

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This is a selection of hand-picked businesses across the county. This is by no means an exhaustive list but you can use it as a good starting point for your job search! Remember, don’t be put off just because you don’t recognise a name. A lot of businesses that you may have never heard of offer enticing graduate schemes, you just have to know where to look!

South Kesteven District Council logo

South Kesteven District Council

The South Kesteven District Council covers the South Kesteven area of Lincolnshire, including the towns of Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and The Deepings. The Council are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of their population as well as maintaining the local environment, developing infrastructure, and providing additional support for businesses in the area. With a strong focus on employee engagement, South Kesteven District Council utilise employee forums, staff awards and regular ‘Praise and Grumble’ sessions to ensure their employees are involved, happy, and unlocking their potential. With economic growth their number one priority, South Kesteven District Council are looking to develop infrastructure to support their housing and growth priorities, as well as maximise opportunities for the development of commercial spaces.  Previously, South Kesteven District Council have hosted graduate placements for environmental regeneration to help support their ongoing work to improve the local area.

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Complete Careers Logo

Complete Careers

Complete Careers provide bespoke training and career packages to engage young people in career planning ensuring that learners have the skills and To do this, Complete Careers develop innovative careers programmes for schools in the UK and Abu Dhabi, delivering accredited training programmes for careers advisers and teaching staff. The organisation are strong believers in collaboration and have developed a careers community network with annual conferences and quarterly meetings to ensure each team provides the best possible service. A role with Complete Careers allows you to build relationships with a variety of professionals with the aim to develop the personal and professional profiles of young people, empowering them to reach their full potential.

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City of Lincoln Council Logo

City of Lincoln Council

As the most densely populated district in the county, the City of Lincoln Council are responsible for governing the county’s administrative centre. The council has aims to be net carbon zero by 2030, building on their already great progress in increasing sustainability since 2005. Other key objectives set out in the council’s Vision 2025 Strategic Plan include driving inclusive economic growth, reducing inequality, delivering quality housing, and enhancing the city’s tourist attractions. Offering a range of provisions to support employees (including care leave, compassionate leave, and paternity leave among others), as well as a generous annual leave entitlement and holiday purchase scheme, the City of Lincoln Council are a mindful employer who focuses on ensuring their employees have a quality working life.

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Solutions 4 Plastic Logo


Solutions 4 Plastic is a Lincolnshire based eco-friendly manufacturing company that produce water-soluble, biodegradable and compostable plastics. Solutions 4 Plastic work with a range of materials and utilise their technical expertise to offer a range of sustainable products to their customers. The diversity of their product range means there are many areas of the company that you could work within, from production to marketing and beyond. For people looking to take their first steps into renewable and eco-friendly manufacturing, Solutions 4 Plastic offers Production Assistant roles as part of the KickStart scheme. Solutions 4 Plastic would make an excellent, forward-thinking employer for those wanting to take their first steps into an eco-friendly manufacturing career.

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Scholar Pack

Scholar Pack is a digital education and school management service that works to provide admin assistance and support to staff members. Scholar Pack’s plan is to streamline the school administration process by providing ready-made reports and data processing tools. Their work is based on an information management system developed through years of feedback from over 1,600 primary schools to ensure optimal results. As a dynamic place to work, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of customers, Scholar Pack has a lot to offer its employees. As an organisation that draws focus upon the importance of a healthy work/life balance, Scholar Pack offers flexible working arrangements as well as a buying and selling holiday scheme. On top of this, staff can benefit from a range of health benefits and a company-wide passion for professional development.

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Boston Borough Council Logo

Boston Borough Council

Once the home of the founding members of Boston, Massachusetts, and once one of the richest towns in England thanks to its thriving ports, Boston Borough is a district with a rapidly growing population and an ambitious district council. Whilst still maintaining individual identities, Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council have formed a strategic alliance to deliver efficient and effective services, whilst jointly saving £15.4m across 10 years. This alliance will also allow both councils to have a stronger voice when securing government funding. Boston Borough Council’s main objectives are to be people-focused, drive inclusive growth, facilitate environmental awareness and accountability, and use technology to deliver high-quality services. With competitive salaries, a strong focus on wellbeing and impressive support for learning and development, the Local Government at Boston Borough Council could be the first step in your graduate career.

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Gelder Group logo

Gelder Group

Gelder Group is an award-winning construction company based just 7 miles north of Lincoln in West Lindsey and is responsible for a wide range of construction projects across the county. The company understands the value of training and as such offers multiple training options in various departments across the organisation from business management through to compliance. So don’t be put off if you don’t want to work on a construction site, you could have a career working behind the scenes to support a variety of exciting construction projects across Lincolnshire. Gelder Group is also a company that cares about environmental sustainability. As a response to the construction industry’s impact on the environment, the company developed the ‘Gelder Group Environmental Project’ on the site of their head office which acts as a 13-acre nature reserve for local wildlife.

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Zakon Logo

Zakon Training

Offering business and training consultancy services within the law, education and commercial sectors, Zakon Training is an educational organisation based in Lincoln. Operating from Bishop’s Grosseteste University, Zakon has an aim to educate people in skills and techniques that have been acquired through decades of work in relevant industries. Zakon regularly provides work experience programmes as part of their firm belief in giving back to the local community of Lincolnshire. They have also partnered with the Office for Students funded Workday programme which demonstrates Zakon Training’s dedication to improving themselves and the wider community. A career at Zakon would see you joining a friendly and experienced team that aims to provide excellent educational services to the county.

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ACIS Group


ACIS Group is a registered charity based in Gainsborough providing more than 7,000 quality and affordable homes to people across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. If you have a passion for helping people and share the values of being honest, positive and ambitious, ACIS could provide you with the platform to make a difference in your graduate career. ACIS already have a strong relationship with the University of Lincoln thanks to their participation in the Graduate Skills Builder project  so you know that if you choose ACIS, you’ll be supported to reach your full potential. Employees can often benefit from financial assistance for eligible training programmes and support for professional accreditations. The company focus on more than just social housing, offering student accommodation to over a thousand residents across the East Midlands.

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Savills Logo


With a history stretching back over 165 years, Savills is now a world-leading property agent with offices across the globe, including in Lincoln and Stamford. Savills utilise its decades of experience to provide insight, advice, and outstanding property services for every one of their clients. Frequently ranked amongst some of the best UK employers, Savills recently won the Times Graduate Employer of Choice for Property for the 14th consecutive year. With 40% of board members initially joining the company as graduate trainees, Savills showcase their dedication to developing staff and progressing them through the company.  Savills offer a range of graduate schemes from building and project consultancy to sustainability and engineering. With an outstanding track record and enticing graduate pathways to suit your desired specialism, Savills would make a brilliant employer for graduates looking to invest in their future.

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Shine Lincolnshire Logo

Shine Network

Shine Lincolnshire is an award-winning charity organisation developing a network of individuals and organisations that help and support people in need. Providing essential services and support with a particular focus on mental health support, Shine Lincolnshire deliver workshops and resources with the aim to build a network of like-minded individuals striving to improve wellbeing across the county. As part of this, Shine Lincolnshire has developed an online service that gives users a simple, searchable directory to receive on-demand support. If you’re motivated to support others and strive to work in a people-focused environment, then Shine Lincolnshire would be a great place to develop your career and give back to the county. The charity also offers volunteering opportunities ranging from social media gurus to peer support workers, so if you want to get a feel for the workplace and help others in the process, then get involved!

Visit the Shine Network website

Tillotts Parma Logo

Tillotts Pharma

Tillots Pharma is a fast-growing international pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and employs over 300 people worldwide. Focusing on the field of gastroenterology, Tillotts Pharma develop and market innovative pharmaceutical products that are licensed both internally and externally in over 65 countries. Serving the UK from their base in Lincoln, Tillotts is dedicated to developing their employees’ skills and supporting their professional development, encouraging entrepreneurship and rewarding outstanding performance. With competitive salaries and support for a healthy work/life balance, Tillotts strives to provide a workplace that promotes personal development and recognition of extraordinary performance among a host of other benefits. Tillotts could make a superb employer as you make your steps into the pharmaceuticals industry.

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Lindum Logo


Appearing in the Times’ Best 100 Companies to work for every year since 2004, Lindum is an employee-owned construction company with offices throughout Lincolnshire and the rest of England. As an employee-owned company, with 80% of its staff active shareholders, Lindum values the opinions and fresh ideas of its employees. By participating in their philosophy of ‘sustain and share,’ you’ll be able to help shape the future of the company with the knowledge that your voice will be heard. Lindum specialises in managing new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects and have worked across a variety of sectors since their founding. Offering several graduate and training schemes, Lindum commits to developing their employees and ensuring they gain the necessary experience to flourish in their careers. As such, around 20% of Lindums current staff is now made up of graduates from their many internal training programmes, making them an excellent employer for graduates looking for roles in the Lincolnshire region who want to make a lasting impact in the construction industry.

Visit the Lindum Group career page

Straight to the Biscuits Logo

Straight to the Biscuits

Straight to the Biscuits is an independent visual effects studio based in Lincoln that provides a range of services spanning from film and television to online video production. Their work varies from stop-motion animation to invisible effects, making this an exciting new company for graduates interested in a range of video production roles. As a new budding company founded in 2016, the business focuses on innovation within the video production sector, as such, Straight to the Biscuits has gone from strength to strength in just a few short years, working with a range of clients around the world. Working at a company like Straight to the Biscuits can allow you to have a range of responsibilities, working in a close-knit team and forming strong relationships with the whole company – something a lot harder to do within a larger business.

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Nutra Pharma Logo


Nutra-Pharma conducts research in pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetics and Agri-Tech fields to provide health products that support everyone. Located in the Boole Technology Centre in Lincoln’s Science and Innovation Park, Nutra-Pharma has a vision to make the science and healthcare economy more transparent, providing actionable scientific discoveries, data and insight. Forming networks with clients and universities to tackle a range of challenges, the business’ current projects include investigating Nano Iron in plants in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University, working with the University of West Indies on carbon capture, and teaming up with De Montford University on a project focusing on the analysis of miniature tablet coating. The diverse nature of their industry-leading research makes them an exciting potential graduate employer offering the ability to create contacts and work collaboratively to solve important, real-world, issues. If you have a passion for science and want to make a difference to the lives of others, Nutra-Pharma would provide an exciting start to your graduate career.

Visit the Nutra-Pharma website

Brink Media Logo

Brink Media

Brink Media is a local media production company focused on supporting small and medium businesses with high-quality video services and promotion. As a growing business operating in Louth, Brink Media specialise in web design, video production, advertising and marketing. Brink Media have worked with various international names from a range of industries – including Mcfly, e.on, and Sky Sports. As a small enterprise, there are a variety of factors that employees can benefit from that aren’t always available in larger organisations. This includes a greater involvement in the running of the company as you establish yourself as a trusted member of the team, as well as often being given greater flexibility over your work.

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Arden Biotechnology logo

Arden Biotechnology

Founded in 2017, Arden Biotechnology is a biological research organisation centred on agriculture and livestock, making it a pioneer in Lincolnshire’s Agri-Tech research community. The company strives to optimise innovative technology to further its sector-leading research in antimicrobial alternatives, providing essential findings for meat production across the county. Arden Biotechnology is a pioneer in Lincolnshire’s Agri-Tech and industrial research community. As a strong believer in collaboration, Arden Biotechnology works with partners around the world in a joint pursuit to develop a biocontrol that prevents poultry disease. Due to their rapid expansion, Arden is always on the look for graduates to join their team in scientific and non-scientific roles. A career at Arden Biotechnology would enable you to make a real difference in the Agri-Food industry, for a rapidly growing organisation that invests in its employees.

Visit the Arden Biotechnology careers page

Electric Egg logo

Electric Egg

Electric egg is a video production service focussed on producing a variety of online marketing and promotional materials for a range of clients across the county. Based in ThinkTank, a business incubation centre in the heart of Lincoln, Electric Egg work closely with diverse clients to tell stories, promote services, and raise brand awareness. With a diverse portfolio of opportunities and a range of media projects from documentaries to magazine cover shots, Electric Egg gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of media formats. Furthermore, as a relatively small enterprise, you may find yourself taking on varied roles, with a range of responsibilities – ensuring no two days are the same and boosting your CV in the process.

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Tracing its roots back over 100 years, Solenis is a leading global manufacturer of speciality chemicals. Solenis support a range of markets including chemical processing, biorefining, and power. Headquartered in Delaware, USA, the organisation boasts 39 manufacturing facilities worldwide, employing over 5,000 professionals in 120 countries. As such, Solenis would make an excellent choice for anyone wanting to stay local but with a drive to work for an industry-leading international organisation. Sustainability is a priority for Solenis who strive to reduce water, energy, and raw material waste to improve efficiency in their operations. The organisation offers full-time, paid internships to qualified students and flexible employment opportunities to graduates in various business disciplines. Solenis drive a culture of personal growth, investing in professional and personal development and committing to annual culture surveys. FACT: Solenis was recognised as a 2021 US Best Managed Company for excellent Management Skills and Practices.

Visit the Solenis careers page

Hubgem Marketing Logo

HubGem Marketing

HubGem Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specialises in supporting educational institutions, non-profit organisations and businesses growth by increasing the reach and user engagement for clients across the region. Located in the city of Lincoln, HubGem is made up of a small team of marketers, developers and designers, with a shared vision to support their client’s growth in an increasingly digital world. With a strong belief that an effective work-life balance can support employees to get more out of their work, HubGem offers a flexible approach to working to ensure this is maintained and that employees are satisfied. On top of this, HubGem offer employees a variety of wellbeing initiatives and fully equipped MacBooks and laptops, as well as the chance to join a rapidly growing small business and the opportunity to make a real impact on education and non-profit clients around the world.

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Kal Group Logo

Kal Group

Kal Group is a leading marketing company based in Gainsborough specialising in the mobile leisure industry. The company has a rich history of successful marketing achievements with large brand providers of mobile leisure vehicles including Brownhills and Auto-Trail. Kal Group primarily specialises in web development, video production, and online advertising but offer a wealth of marketing routes to create strong and unified identities for their clients. The company also have an award-winning app development team responsible for over 300,000 individual downloads. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in marketing or web development or are interested in pursuing a new career path, Kal Group might be for you.

Visit the Kal Group website

Petaurum HR Logo

Petaurum Solutions

Petaurum solutions are an award-winning human resources (HR) firm that works alongside businesses of all sizes to provide specialist HR support across the country. The Petaurum Solutions team strive to provide a jargon-free support approach to ensure client satisfaction. The company provides an all-encompassing service to businesses of various sizes, offering support with all aspects of HR, from strategy and benefits to their resource hub – a collection of webinars and talks to ensure clients receive the best possible service. Petaurum Solutions have won several awards since their inception, including being named the HR Consultants of the Year in 2021 by the SME News. The business is committed to supporting its community by sponsoring several local causes, from the Lincoln Imp Trail to multiple local football teams. By championing their ethos of experience and resource sharing, the business ensures that every employee can thrive in their roles. As such, a career with Petaurum Solutions would see you joining a friendly team, always seeking to support each other and their clients.

Visit the Petaurum Solutions website

Reflect Recruitment Group Logo

Reflect Recruitment Group

Reflect Recruitment Group is a client-focused recruitment agency dedicated to helping people find their dream jobs and supporting the county’s success. With a mission to simplify what is often an overcomplicated process, Reflect Recruitment Group make job searching as easy as possible for its clients. The business prides itself on its high success rate, achieved through its positive and supportive approach to client liaison. By supporting people looking to develop their careers, a job in recruitment can be thoroughly rewarding, through the positive impacts made on the job market each and every day. If you’re passionate about working in a people-centred role and want to make a positive impact on the success of other people, then a career in recruitment could be for you. You don’t need to move away to achieve this either – with offices in Lincoln and Grantham, there’s plenty of opportunities to have a career in recruitment right on your doorstep with Reflect Recruitment Group!

Visit the Reflect Recruitment Group website

LK2 Logo

Lk2 architects

LK2 is an award-winning architectural consultancy firm based in Nettleham – just 5 miles outside the centre of Lincoln! As specialists in mixed-use buildings, retail spaces, sports facilities, and town centres, you’ll have no doubt seen one of their projects in person somewhere, from the Waterside Shopping Centre in Lincoln to facilities at Bishop Grosseteste University. LK2 work to be flexible throughout their project work and is dedicated to delivering the best possible results. LK2 is a forward-thinking architecture firm that rewards its employees, not only with the exciting projects they undertake, but also with their employee benefits. The benefits range from Friday afternoons off, to free on-site parking and regular social events – meaning that employees at LK2 are highly satisfied in their roles.

Visit the Lk2 architects website

CWM Studios

CWM Studios

CWM Studios is a marketing company that works throughout the UK with a studio based in Grantham. With various internal teams specialising in all aspects of advertising, including video production and web design, CWM Studios has established itself as an integrated agency providing industry-leading services across all areas of the marketing umbrella. CWM boasts custom-built, adaptable facilities built to support specific bespoke requirements. A career with CWM Studios would see you undertake exciting projects across all aspects of marketing, from brand marketing to graphic design. CWM Studios would be an excellent employer for anyone wanting to take their first steps into the marketing and design industry. With clients across the country, CWM’s national reach means that employees can network and establish relationships with individuals around the UK.

Visit the CWM Studio website

Meta Aerospace Logo

Meta Missions Data

Meta Mission Data is an innovative solutions-based organisation providing technological support for the defence sector. Put simply, the company provide cybersecurity to some of the leading defence organisations to prevent data threats and keep operations secure. Operating in Lincolnshire from their office in the city of Lincoln, Meta Mission Data is a subsidiary of the Internationally recognised Meta Aerospace, headquartered in London and Washington DC. The organisation has seen exceptional success since its inception and is trusted by the likes of Leonardo and the Ministry of Defence. To achieve this trust and success, Meta Mission Data offer a broad range of support to clients challenged by complex, multi-stakeholder projects, where evolving technology poses dynamic problems. With specialised offers worldwide, the business has a wealth of opportunities available for Computer Science and Engineering graduates and is a challenging employer for anyone looking to start their career in an innovative sector.

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Children's Link Logo

Children’s Link

Children’s Links is a national charity providing support for children, young people, and their communities by delivering high-quality childcare, training & consultancy, and a range of other services. Founded in Lincolnshire and based in Horncastle, Children’s Links have a multitude of roles available for anyone with a passion for bettering the lives of young people in areas including education, business development or human resources. The organisation ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential by delivering a host of training sessions and support workshops. Children’s Links also offer a series of voluntary roles that can give you the experience of working with a charity and the opportunity to develop your skills. Children’s Links make a real, positive difference to the lives of young people – and you could be a vital part of it.

Visit the Children’s Links website

We Are With You Logo

We Are With You

We Are With You is a licensed charity that offers free confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health and has been offering services for over 50 years. Often shortened to ‘With You’, the charity has seen exceptional growth since its founding, now with 80 bases across England and Scotland – enabling them to reach over 100,000 people per year. With You’s services are delivered through various methods to ensure they effectively meet their clients’ needs, and they also deliver workshops in schools and prisons to support addiction awareness. On top of the enormous job satisfaction from working at With You, there are a variety of benefits employees can take advantage of. The charity offers flexible working, as well as protected time each week to learn and develop. Employees also have access to a 24/7 assistance programme and 2 days of paid volunteering leave each year – demonstrating We Are With You’s commitment to their community. Operating from centres across Lincolnshire including Skegness, Grantham, and Lincoln, We Are With You showcase a drive to recruit graduates from Psychology disciplines as they look to support the community using contemporary and innovative approaches.

Visit the We Are With You website

Drumbeat Logo

drumBEAT Marketing

Founded in 2015, DrumBEAT Marketing is a Lincolnshire-based marketing agency with an extensive technical background in professional advertising. Starting as a duo of experienced digital marketers, the business has rapidly evolved into an award-winning agency with ongoing expansion across the East Midlands region. DrumBEAT offers a comprehensive online marketing service to clients across the county with specialisms ranging from search engine optimisation to website design. A career with drumBEAT marketing allows you to work on versatile projects, ensuring your work never gets boring. Alongside this, every project would enable you to develop skills in various digital areas of the industry and hone your expertise. With their range of customers and the variety of work offered, drumBEAT would make an exciting employer for graduates looking to explore a career in marketing.

Visit the drumBEAT website

DoubleTree by Hilton Logo

Doubletree by Hilton

Doubletree by Hilton is an American hotel chain and part of Hilton Worldwide, with over 580 hotels in more than 47 countries. As a leading global hospitality company offering a range of luxury hotels, Doubletree by Hilton boasts 2 main locations in Lincolnshire – a hotel in the centre of Lincoln, and a Spa and Golf Resort in Brigg. Employees often express that; meaningful and enjoyable work, opportunities to grow their careers, and pride in the brand are key drivers of satisfaction in their jobs. Some of the unique benefits at Hilton include an enticing Travel Discount Program and the ‘Lead@Hilton’ holistic leadership development framework, giving employees the opportunity to reach their full potential from entry level to senior leadership positions. These benefits, alongside a range of wellbeing schemes make DoubleTree by Hilton an ideal graduate employer for anyone interested in working within the Hospitality sector. Fact: Doubletree by Hilton is famous for their warm cookies served to guests, which were originally only for VIPs in the 1980s. In 2019, Doubletree Cookie became the first cookie baked in space as ISS Commander Luca Parmitano baked the brand’s famous cookie dough.

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Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

As one of 46 similar Wildlife trusts across the UK, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is one of the oldest trusts in the country. Since 1948 Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have been working to preserve the natural environment of the county by restoring natural habitats and promoting these values to the people of Lincolnshire. As part of this, Lincolnshire Wildlife trust runs a range of events and activities across the county, from art exhibitions to educational talks and workshops. The charity offers a variety of positions, including roles orchestrating their exciting projects or more hands-on roles on their nature reserves. On top of this, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust also offers a range of volunteering programmes that can give you some valuable experience working in conservation and events. If you’re looking for a career in an environmentally focused charity that works to promote their values to others, then Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust would be a brilliant organisation to work for.

Visit the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website

Lincolnshire Football Association Logo

Lincolnshire FA

Lincolnshire Football Association is the not-for-profit governing body responsible for overseeing football in the county of Lincolnshire since their formation in 1881. As part of the national Football Association, working at Lincolnshire FA provides the personal feel of working within a close-knit team whilst providing the benefits and pathways of a national organisation. Headquartered just outside of the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire FA utilises football development and business partnership teams to support their work, now overseeing over 1,600 football teams in the county. Lincolnshire FA utilises partnerships with key external organisations, including schools and leisure centres, to provide recreational football, affiliated football, and coach education services to all corners of the county. This gives employees the opportunity to network with external stakeholders and develop a diverse skill set within their roles. Lincolnshire FA offers competitive salaries, a strong commitment to empowered personal and professional development, and a goal to diversify the volunteer workforce to support a more inclusive community in the county. Lincolnshire Football Association is a forward-thinking, progressive sports organisation that can provide a platform for you to make a difference in the region using the power of football.

Visit the LIncolnshire FA website

Tended Logo


Recently founded in 2017, Tended is a fast-growing software development company that develops bespoke wearable technology to make work environments as safe as possible. Their primary focus is the development of high-tech wristbands that support a range of safety functions to help prevent accidents in the workplace from social distancing alerts to panic alarms. Tended has quickly become an award-winning company with teams all over the UK who strive to stay ahead of the curve with new safety technologies. The company are incredibly passionate about the life-saving technology they create, and as such aim to develop a workforce that shares this passion. By placing a lot of trust and respect in their employees, Tended provide their team with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a fast-paced and impactful work environment. Combining psychology and behavioural sciences with wearable technology, Tended are an innovative, forward-thinking company that provide a variety of opportunities for graduates looking to make workplaces safer for everyone.

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Boston College Logo

Boston College

As one of the largest employers in the area, Boston College has been providing high-quality further education for over 50 years, building a reputation for excellence throughout that time. The college now offers over 250 courses to around 4,500 students across the area. Boston College understands the importance of sustainability and has made a series of positive strides towards tackling climate change, including improved use of sustainable materials and rainwater collection initiatives. The college also has strong links with local employers, utilising their Employer Training Team to help local and national businesses grow from within. A career with Boston College encourages professional development through individual performance reviews and funding support towards additional qualifications. Staff can also take advantage of wellbeing support benefits, financial benefits, and a variety of discount schemes. FACT: Unique to Boston College is Lime, the College’s commercial training restaurant – offering high-quality food at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Visit the Boston College careers page

Chattertons Logo

Chattertons Solicitors

Chattertons is a top 200 law firm providing wealth management services in a range of award-winning areas from personal to business law. Practicing law for over 150 years, the company holds several industry-leading accreditations, making them one of the most decorated and well-respected law firms across the country. With 11 offices across the county and surrounding areas, including one in London, Chattertons Solicitors are a perfect graduate employer for anyone interested in working for a firm leading the way. To achieve this success, Chattertons Solicitors prioritise growth and ambition with their employees, enabling a strong focus on professional development within a range of roles across the organisation. A key part of this is their annual Trainee Solicitors Programme which allows graduates to work alongside solicitors to develop their skills and gain vital experience in a variety of law services. Chattertons Solicitors strive to help their staff develop throughout their careers, making them a fantastic organisation to begin a graduate career within the law industry.

Visit the Chattertons careers pages

Bridge McFarland Logo

Bridge McFarland

Formed in Lincoln and now with offices across the county, Bridge McFarland is an all-encompassing law firm offering a range of award-winning law services – including fields you might not expect, such as sports law. The business has a lot to offer for anyone looking to make their first steps into this competitive industry. The company contribute generously to employee pensions, offers enticing starting salaries, and provides discountedgal services. Bridge McFarland also invest in its people, with employees able to receive financial aid to support the costs of professional qualifications. The business has a strong ‘grown from within’ culture, ensuring that you can progress through the organisation as you grow in your role. Whether you’re interested in becoming a solicitor, or fancy working behind the scenes to support the business, Bridge McFarland would make a fantastic employer for graduates with the drive, energy and enthusiasm to join its already successful and ambitious team.

Visit the Bridge McFarland careers page

Pepperells Solicitors Logo

Pepperells Solicitors

Pepperells Solicitors are a dynamic law firm with a modern approach to their practice, enabling them to deliver the best possible legal services to clients across the country. The business has a strong presence in Lincolnshire with branches in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, and Lincoln, allowing them to work with a range of high-profile clients, such as Barclays and PwC. Pepperells are well known for their commitment to the community and support charitable causes including the NSPCC, British Red Cross, and Cancer Research UK. Having recently launched a drive for recruitment across Lincolnshire, Pepperells have a variety of law specific and general office roles available such as IT Analysts, Administration Assistants and Financial Assistants. Pepperells’ employees have outlined a strong sense of career development, highlighting how the company can support its staff to reach their full potential – namely in its trainee solicitor roles, aimed at law graduates.

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North Lindsey College Logo

North Lindsey College

North Lindsey College is a training and education provider in Scunthorpe. For over 60 years, the institution has offered a range of educational programmes to students across the region. The college is part of the DN colleges group, which employs 1200 staff and deliver dynamic and inspirational teaching to 13,000 students across the north of the county and surrounding areas. The college’s size means there are a variety of roles on offer to ensure the delivery of a high-quality curriculum and improve the day-to-date running of the organisation. If you’re interested in working for North Lindsey College, you could find yourself in roles from Lecturing to Recruitment. Staff have access to a range of economic and wellbeing benefits, such as pension schemes, gym access and cycle to work programmes, along with a sense of pride in supporting people in education.

Visit the North Lindsay College website

EBP Logo


The EBP (Education and Business Partnership) work in training and education in order to provide skills building for young people. Working in partnership with businesses, the EBP is an award-winning social enterprise that strives to enable young people and adult learners to meet their potential. With a mission to develop the skills of young people in the East Midlands and beyond, the EBP draws a similar focus for their employees. The organisation offers support for qualifications, secondment opportunities, and regular training & development sessions from experts and external consultants. Furthermore, the EBP pushes a strong work/life balance, offers performance related pay schemes in selected roles, and a variety of health & wellbeing schemes.

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Management Development Services Logo

Management Development Services Graduate Program

Management Development Services deliver a unique graduate scheme to develop future leaders in the environment and agriculture industry. The graduate scheme is made up of a partnership of businesses around the country, all united in the common goal to equip young people with the necessary skills and experience needed to quickly climb the ladder to senior leadership within the industry. The programme provides graduates with the opportunity to work in four distinct roles split amongst four different businesses, which allows you to diversify your skillset and knowledge of the industry. This experience, combined with obtaining a Level 5 Leadership and Management apprenticeship qualification through the programme, enables you to be well equipped for your future career. This qualification is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and is developed with the industry in mind, making it the perfect route for graduates motivated to succeed in the AgriFood environment. On top of this, you can also take advantage of an employee assistance programme, as well as several financial benefits to support you in your placements such as a relocation allowance.On the programme, you could be working with:
• GreenYard
• Branston
• British Sugar
• Birds Eye
• Morrisons
• And many more…

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Epix Media Logo

Epix Media

Epix Media is an award-winning creative design agency that produces specialised websites for businesses across Lincolnshire. The Epix Media team is based at Think Tank, the University of Lincoln’s enterprise hub built to support the success of innovative businesses. As a group of talented creators, Epix Media collaborate on a wide variety of creative projects ranging from comprehensive web design to professional video production. The business thrives on creative collaboration and, as such, ensure that its office is a lively environment where everyone can make a difference. If you’re interested in staying local and want to work for a forward-thinking, fast-paced, marketing agency then Epix Media would offer a passionate environment to challenge and perfect your skills.

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Optima Graphic Design Consultants

Working in both print and digital media, Optima Graphic Design Consultants create and develop campaigns to strengthen the brands of both national and worldwide organisations. Optima Graphic Design Consultants have a strong portfolio of successes, having worked with clients across the world including the World Trade Organisation and WWF. One of their other successful projects involved designing the University of Lincoln’s referencing guides which you may have used once or twice! Their high-quality work has led to the business being included in the Top 100 Consultancy Businesses in Design Week UK for the past ten years. Communication, creativity and passion are incredibly important for the successful delivery of their award-winning work, so if you share these values then Optima may be the business for you. With regular vacancies in roles from graphic designers and web developers to administration staff, Optima offers something for everyone to join their creative team.

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Lincs FM Group Logo

Lincs FM Group

As part of the worldwide multimedia franchise Bauer Media, Lincs FM Group is the operator for several independent local radio stations covering Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. The primary station forming this group is Lincs FM, a commercial radio station based in Lincoln and covering Lincolnshire and Newark. As a local radio station, Lincs FM has built a large, loyal audience through their mix of music, entertaining discussion, and local news. Working for Lincs FM Group provides a rewarding career in radio production. With a range of benefits to ensure a high level of satisfaction with their employees, Lincs FM prioritizes personal development, offering regular training opportunities alongside enticing holiday entitlement. If you have a passion for radio production and want to deliver professional media at a local level, a career at Lincs FM could be for you. FACT: Around 90% of adults in the UK listen to the radio every week, with Lincs FM having almost 2.5 million total listening hours per week.

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Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is a video game publishing company headquartered in New York City and most known for producing the Grand Theft Auto series, with over 350 million copies sold. Operating in Lincolnshire from their office in North Hykeham, Rockstar Lincoln focuses on quality assurance and primarily involves game testing. A role in games testing gives you the pride in driving the quality assurance of industry-leading video games and ensuring users have an enjoyable experience. With updated workplace policies based on employee feedback, a career with Rockstar Games means you could take advantage of a range of benefits ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction. These benefits include gym memberships, impressive pension schemes, and product-based bonuses upon the completion of projects. Working for Rockstar Games in Lincoln allows you to be part of an internationally recognised game publisher whilst still benefitting from staying in the local area.

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Do Things Digital

Do Things Digital are a marketing agency that works to ensure that its clients are noticed. Through technical expertise and bespoke strategies, Do Things Digital provide a unique service that drives the success of others. With the aim to constantly evolve, the business works with passion and responsibility to support the needs of its customers. This involves individually tailored support via the development of strategies, including search engine optimisation and website design. As a small enterprise, Do Things Digital gives you the opportunity to have a rewarding impact on the organisation, helping it develop as you grow in your role. If you’re a creative that enjoys dynamic work environments and working on varied projects, Do Things Digital could be the right place for you.

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Kamara Video

Kamara Video is a Lincoln-based video production company providing commercial photography and video services for clients across Lincolnshire. By utilising the stunning capabilities of drones, Kamara supplies a unique form of video services using their creative and inspirational imagery to bring Lincolnshire’s companies and brands to life. With a focus on efficiency and keeping costs low, Kamara Video ensures local businesses get the most out of the services. As with many small businesses, staff can benefit from more personable working environments, allowing employees to be integrated and form strong relationships company-wide. Responsibilities and workload are dynamic, and you’ll find yourself dealing with a range of tasks – allowing you to develop a range of skills that you might miss out on in a larger organisation. At Kamara Video, you could tackle multiple projects and be creative in your pursuit to promote local clients.

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Barbon Insurance Group Logo

Barbon Insurance Group

With over 25 years of experience in the industry and headquartered in Lincoln, Barbon Insurance group is the UK’s largest tenant referencing and specialist lettings insurance company. Previously listed at number 46 in the Sunday Times’ 100 best companies to work for, Barbon recognises the value of an effective work/life balance and prioritises health, happiness, and comfort to ensure their employees are satisfied. As former winners of the Education, Training and Skills Award at Lincolnshire Media Business Awards, their commitment to development and progression is clear. This is demonstrated through their in-house Talent Management and Graduate Development Programmes. Their graduate scheme is tailor-made enabling you to specialise in a specific area of the industry, personalised to suit your individual expertise. The company’s focus on career development and employee satisfaction makes Barbon Insurance Group an ideal organisation to kickstart your graduate career.

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Mortgage Advice Bureau Logo

Mortgage Advice Bureau

Mortgage Advice Bureau is the UK’s leading mortgage intermediary brand with over 150 awards recognising their national success. With a strong presence across the county, and offices in Grantham and Boston, the organisation is committed to supporting the people of Lincolnshire to secure their dream home. If you’re interested in working as a Mortgage Advisor, the business offers a competitive training scheme to assist you in reaching your goal. Supporting the community is at the heart of Mortgage Advice Bureau’s core values and as such the organisation offers help to charities and other good causes across the UK such as ‘Rethink Mental Illness’ and The Padley Group. Mortgage Advice Bureau has a wide range of frequent openings available across their various departments – so even if you don’t see yourself as a mortgage advisor, you could find roles from IT and Management to Marketing and Customer Service. If you’re interested in working for a national organisation with a presence in the local area and want to kickstart your career in the financial sector, Mortgage Advice Bureau might be for you.

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Humberside Police Logo

Humberside Police

Humberside Police is the police force responsible for covering North & North East Lincolnshire, Hull, and the East Ridings of Yorkshire. The force is headquartered in central Hull, a short journey over the Humber Bridge from North Lincolnshire. Humberside Police cover over 1300 square miles and protect just shy of 1 million people. Working for the police is a rewarding career suited to anyone who wants to make a difference. Whether you’re working as a frontline officer or in support roles such as administration or communications, you will have the pride to know you’re supporting the safety of the local community. Humberside Police employ over 3000 members of staff in a range of disciplines meaning there’s so much more involved in policing than just being an officer. If you have the desire to make a difference, there will be a role suited to you – no matter what your dream career path!

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OCG Software

OCG Software is an award-winning software development company specialising in the administration of supplier management tools. Based in the City of Lincoln, OCG Software provides a service that allows a range of complex business processes to be handled through one simple system. This bespoke system oversees the whole supply chain management, allowing businesses to focus their attention on other important areas and be more efficient in the process. With over 20 years of experience, OCG Software has built trust with some of the largest companies in the world. With a focus on networking and success sharing, the business prides itself on cultivating a community of professionals to share knowledge and practices. As such, a career with OCG software would allow you to be part of a forward-thinking team that pushes you to reach your full potential.

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Delta Simons Logo


Delta-Simons is an environmental sustainability company that specialise in health & safety with offices in Lincolnshire and throughout the UK. Previously, Delta-Simons have provided environmental assessment services at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ensuring that the regeneration of the former Olympic Park met its environmental due diligence. As a company that cares for both the environment and its employees, Delta-Simons dedicates themselves to providing a work culture that boosts wellbeing and empowers their employees to be the best they can be. As an environmentally passionate, forward-thinking company, Delta-Simons would be perfect for graduates who want to make a positive impact on global issues regardless of their degree discipline.

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Waldeck Logo


Waldeck is a UK based technical and strategic management consultancy business with offices throughout the country. They specialise in providing sustainable solutions for clients across the construction industry. Utilising their multi-disciplinary approach, Waldeck incorporates a range of skill sets to best support their clients, ranging from Civil Engineering through to Risk Management. In line with this approach is Waldeck’s Graduate Training scheme, which delivers tailored experiences to bridge the gap between university studies and their fast-paced areas of expertise. By investing in graduates, Waldeck not only boosts their company’s ability to support the delivery of large projects but also improves the specialist skills for the next generation of employees. As such, Waldeck are dedicated to their staff, providing a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives alongside a carefully curated team environment that fosters productivity and enhances employee satisfaction. Waldeck is a great choice for graduates interested in entering this constantly evolving industry.

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Every One Logo


Every-One is a Lincolnshire based registered charity focused on supporting carers and the people they care for, by providing a range of targeted workshops and sessions to help carers, centred on wellbeing and employment. Every-One provides a range of placements and opportunities for students and recent graduates, ranging from research and analysis to marketing and public relations. Every-One welcomes enquiries for all opportunities and is keen to offer both short- and long-term placements to those looking to build experience in the workplace and community. Every-One has partnered with the University of Lincoln’s Workday programme, which utilised student consultancy to analyse and assess the efficiency of their online brand and messaging throughout their website. For those looking to get involved with charity work, a career at Every-One could be a great first step towards making a difference with your career.

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Civil Service

The Civil Services is a group of government departments that support the delivery of government policies. The Civil service is politically impartial and will work alongside whichever party is in power. As a branch of government, the Civil Services impacts every aspect of daily life from transport to defence, environment to education. The role of the organisation is in delivering policy change across every aspect of life, meaning that there’s endless opportunity for varying roles within the Civil Service. As well as working in front line roles such as veterinary services, web developer, marine biologist or customer service advisor, your role may also include advising ministers and developing future policy based on research and experience.

“Offering access to roles in just about every government department, the Fast Stream opens up a huge range of opportunities for you to explore. And because we look at your talent, not your background, age or degree subject, there’s nothing to stand in your way.”

Keep your eye out for the Fast Track scheme opening during your graduate year and check out this video for more information about working for the Civil Service.

Stagecoach Logo


Operating throughout the UK, Stagecoach is one of the largest bus operators in the country serving the population of Lincolnshire. As a member of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 250, Stagecoach is one of the highest performing companies in the country. Stagecoach also offers the widely regarded Graduate Leadership Programme, that trains new graduates into managerial roles, and even supports them to become directors of the company. In fact, over 40 of its current directors are university graduates. Stagecoach aims to foster a community of respect and encourages teamwork and openness in all aspects of its operations. With over 30,000 staff at over 100 locations nationwide and a firm belief in investing in their people, Stagecoach has a lot to offer graduates – whether you want to become a specialist in engineering, marketing, or anything in between. Fact: Stagecoach prioritise sustainability and are now the UK’s biggest investor in hybrid-electric bus technology, investing more than £1billion in innovative and greener buses over the past decade.

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Elsoms Logo

Elsoms Seeds

Elsoms Seeds are prime traders and breeders in agricultural seeds and have remained at the forefront of their market since their inception over 175 years ago. The company has seen remarkable success and received many prestigious awards for the excellent products they produce. Elsoms is not only involved in farming, a substantial portion of the company is also focused on active research into the breeding of specialised seeds to investigate how best to reduce crop waste and promote sustainability. The business does this by supporting PhD students through active research collaborations. As an employer that aims to be a pioneer of the industry, Elsoms is dedicated to its values of specialism, integrity, and building relationships. Elsoms is a unique employer that may challenge the expectations of graduates and continually push them through active research and environmental management. Offering roles from machine maintenance to seed research specialisms, Elsoms have a lot to offer for anyone looking to start their career in an area of the industry you may not have expected!

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DFDS Logistics

DFDS is a Danish shipping and logistics company operating in Lincolnshire out of their base in Immingham. The company boasts a unique network of ports, ferries and container units, culminating in a revenue of just under £2 billion, making it one of the largest of its kind in Europe. As strong believers in supporting their community, DFDS sponsors Copenhagen Pride, celebrating their vision of inclusivity, openness and diversity. DFDS offer a decorated graduate scheme for master’s graduates in their logistics and ferry divisions, featuring a strong development plan and a competitive salary. On their training scheme, you’ll have the opportunity to work abroad on two placements allowing you to develop your skills in different areas of logistics. In the past, graduates from the trainee programme have gone into a variety of positions, from Project Manager to Fleet Manager and Commercial Operator – showcasing the multitude of career paths you could take advantage of. FACT: DFDS has been named the World’s Leading Ferry Operator for 9 years in a row.

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Greenyard Logo


Greenyard is a global leader in fresh, frozen and prepared foods, taking recently harvested fruit and veg and conserving them so that households across the planet can enjoy fresh and healthy diets. Operating in Lincolnshire with a focus on their fresh and frozen divisions, in Spalding and Boston respectively, Greenyard is active in more than 20 countries. Sustainability is at the heart of what Greenyard does, but not only in the development of its products. The company have worked hard to build sustainable food chains, as well as decrease their carbon footprint – improving the sustainability of their business from field to fork. Greenyard has developed an environment for their employees that encourages their development to produce a quality crop of talented workers who share their passions for sustainability. With several sites within Lincolnshire, Greenyard makes an excellent employer for graduates interested in working within a company that provides products for leading retailers across the globe. Utilising their networks, Greenyard offers roles in a variety of fields, including marketing, sales, logistics, or even research and development – meaning that whatever your passion and skillset, there is a place for you in the agriculture industry at Greenyard.  Fact: Greenyard has a presence well outside of Lincolnshire – producing over 2 million tons of fresh fruit & vegetables and 780,000 tons of frozen & prepared products across over 20 countries.

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Micronclean Logo


Micronclean is a unique business that offers advanced cleaning services, innovative cleanrooms, and technical workwear services to large-scale clients worldwide. These clients range from the NHS and emergency services to various industrial partner areas such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, aeronautics, and food production. As such, Micronclean’s work underpins a variety of essential services across the UK that require sterile products and processes. Innovation is a key driver for Micronclean’s success, and the business has recently benefitted from international expansion by opening a brand-new facility in India. The organisation also has a strong relationship with the University of Lincoln, undertaking a series of projects as part of the Graduate Skills Builder Scheme and actively seeking graduates who share their values to join their business. Micronclean have a lot to offer graduates looking to make their steps into employment, by offering a host of enticing benefits ranging from a Profit Related Pay Scheme to a focus on career progression and development.



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Branston Logo


With a dedication to excellence and innovation, Branston is a major producer of fresh and prepared potatoes, and vegetables. The company focuses heavily on consumer research and data analysis to provide innovative solutions for consumer demands. To strive for quality at all levels, Branston is one of the members of Management Development Services’ graduate programme, giving you the opportunity to work with Branston as part of the scheme. (button here for Management Development Services synopsis) Branston has plenty to offer for graduates on the programme, and outside of it by investing in their people – supporting those with the drive to improve with nationally recognised courses and accreditations. Employees have expressed a great level of satisfaction working at Branston, thanks to their ‘no-day-is-the-same’ ethos, and the strong investment into career development. Fact: Branston handle around 350,000 tonnes of potatoes per year, making them one of the biggest distributors in the UK!

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Bulley Davey Logo

Bulley Davey

Founded in 1935, Bulley Davey is an accountancy and tax advisory service that works within the South Lincolnshire region and its surrounding areas. The business utilises a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide excellent service to a range of clients throughout the country. Bulley Davey is a proud member of Accelerate – a community of accountancy firms that work together to provide support for each other and their employees, allowing the company to collaborate with accountancy firms in more than 130 countries worldwide. On top of their impressive global network, Bulley Davey offers competitive salaries and impressive health insurance and pension schemes. With their extensive history of accountancy within the region and their ties to a wider network through their Accelerate membership, Bulley Davey would make an excellent employer for graduates looking for work in the finance sector.

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Lincoln BIG Logo

Lincoln BIG

Lincoln Business Improvement Group is a local organisation that aims to improve Lincoln’s profile as a retail and tourist destination. Lincoln BIG works together with local businesses to help develop projects and services that help with the development of the county. You will have most likely seen some of their work throughout the city through events such as the Lincoln Imp trail, as well as a variety of city centre events year-round.  By offering student placements to get involved in their services Lincoln BIG show their dedication to the progress of not only the city but also its people. Working at Lincoln BIG can be rewarding, as you make tangible differences within the region, with fantastic opportunities to network and form relationships with people and businesses alike.

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Batemans Logo

Batemans Brewery

Batemans Brewery is an independent family-owned hospitality business specialising in the production of award-winning alcoholic beverages. Their main brewery and visitors centre is located at the site of an 18th century windmill in Wainfleet, just outside of Skegness. Batemans also offer enticing business partnerships with the licensees running their pubs that involves a competitive Profit Partnership model put in place to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the proprietors and the publican. The company took part in the Graduate Skills Builder programme in 2019 and pitched a student-led project focussing on the improvement of their recruitment methods used to encourage and increase diversity in the licensees running Batemans pubs.

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Butlin's Logo


Butlin’s is a seaside resort chain as part of the Bourne Leisure company in the hospitality and holidays sector with a large resort based in Skegness on the coast of the North Sea. The Skegness resort sees over 400,000 visitors annually and employs more people in the Skegness area than any other employer. The large scale of the resort means it functions like a small town and as such requires a diverse range of employee specialisms from energy management to entertainment to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in working behind the scenes of a large-scale leisure company, then Butlin’s might be for you. The energy management team were also involved with a Graduate Skills Builder project in 2019 which saw a small group of students pitch methods of improving sustainable energy usage at the resort through behaviour-based environmental solutions.

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Belton Woods Logo

Belton Woods

Owned by Almarose Hotels and Resorts, Belton Woods is a four-star resort located near Grantham. Set in 475 acres of picturesque Lincolnshire Countryside, the resort boasts two PGA Championship-approved golf courses, as well as a variety of other sports and leisure activities. Within 45 minutes of Lincoln and an hour from King’s Cross by train, Belton Woods is well connected to host a range of guests year-round. As a relatively young company in the hospitality industry, Almarose prides themselves on their innovation and offer fantastic benefits to individuals that can make a difference to their team. These include family and friends discounts across the Almarose group, support with training and professional qualifications (including course fees), and a clear progression and career development pathway.

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Pilgrim's Logo

Pilgrim’s UK

Pilgrim’s UK is Britain’s largest provider of low cost, sustainably produced, high welfare pork. The organisation is part of Pilgrim’s Pride, which is the second-largest food company in the world. The organisation is involved in all processes of pork production, from farming to delivery. Operating in more than 100 countries, Pilgrim’s UK has a workforce of over 5,500 across 14 sites in the UK. Pilgrim’s UK is committed to its people, with safety, sustainability and quality as the foundations of their forward-looking business. Pilgrim’s UK is committed to supporting their staff to reach their full potential by offering extensive development opportunities and resources to support staff success. Pilgrim’s UK are also committed to the wellbeing of their staff and offer an impressive wellbeing platform that can be accessed at any time, on top of more common benefits such as an impressive discount platform and a generous pension programme.

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Woodside Wildlife Park Logo

Woodside Wildlife Park

Woodside is a wildlife park within Lincolnshire that works in the conservation and breeding of endangered animals. Woodside currently has a wide variety of animals from Tiger and Crocodiles to Red Pandas. Conservation and the preservation of endangered species are at the heart of Woodside’s mission – currently, 20% of their animals are part of conservation projects, with the aim to increase this number to 50% over the next 10 years. For those interested in gaining experience working at a wildlife park or in conservation, Woodside frequently takes on volunteers. By offering quality experiences for volunteers, Woodside help to nurture the next generation of zookeepers and animal lovers. For those looking for their first steps into a career in conservation Woodside Wildlife Park would be an excellent introduction to an exciting career.

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SRC UK is an innovative solutions-based company that works to solve electronic warfare (EW) challenges in the areas of defence, environment, and intelligence. In 2019, the company formed as part of the SRC Inc. Enterprise and now acts as a not-for-profit defence organisation providing solutions for difficult-to-solve challenges in areas such as ‘mission planning support’. These solutions serve to support Her Majesty’s Armed Forces through forward-thinking research and development strategies to tackle the most important demands presented to the UK and its allies. The company advocates the value of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) as a core method of producing the research-driven and forward-thinking minds of the future and as such has an attractive Graduate Programme that provides a gateway into the Intelligent Defence sector.

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Esland Care Logo

Esland Care

With over 35 years of residential childcare experience, Esland Care delivers trauma-informed therapeutic services to children and young people, helping them to develop resilience and improve their wellbeing. With a clear mission of providing high quality, bespoke and specialist care and associated services to Local Authorities, Esland Care operates 31 sites across the East Midlands, providing a plethora of opportunities for health and social care graduates across the region. The business aims to provide the best quality care within a homely and nurturing environment where young people are encouraged and assisted to develop the skills and confidence to realise their full potential. This provides the opportunity to work in an altruistic and supportive field. Furthermore, Esland Care is a Gold Standard Investor in People, showcasing its commitment to ongoing training and development. Offering a competitive salary, dynamic roles supporting young people from a variety of backgrounds, and ongoing support for qualifications, a career at Esland Care can be rewarding in more ways than one.

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Allocate Software Logo

Allocate Software

Allocate are a healthcare-focused people management software-as-a-service company utilised by over 800 organisations to engage, plan, support and deploy their people, and support their operations effectively. From workforce planning and scheduling to communications and HR processes, Allocate help organisations attract and retain staff, enabling them to meet increased demand with reduced administrative burdens. Open to graduates, those looking for a return to work, or wanting to start a career in a new industry, the Allocate Development Program offers an easy route into employment. Allocate also host a range of employee benefits, including physical and mental wellbeing support, such as an employee assistance programme and health and dental insurance, as well as a range of financial benefits and work/life balance support – from a casual dress-code policy to flexible working arrangements.

Fact: Each week, over 2 million people use Allocate Software’s solutions to manage their working lives.

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Linkage Logo

Linkage Community Trust

Based in East Lindsey and operating throughout the county, Linkage is a charity focused on providing high standard care, education and employment services to people with learning disabilities. Employing over 700 people, the charity supports clients with varying degrees of learning disabilities to reach their full potential. Linkage is a values-focused organisation that prioritises independence, respect, honesty, and teamwork so actively seek employees that share these values. The charity has the vision to allow those with learning disabilities to achieve their aspirations by providing opportunities, choices, and support. If you’re interested in working for a charity, Linkage Community Trust offers fantastic benefits to ensure a healthy work/life balance. The business also offers ongoing qualifications throughout employment to ensure you’re constantly developing your skills and making the most of your career development.

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Wright Vigar Logo

Wright Vigar

Founded in Lincolnshire over 40 years ago Wright Vigar is a chartered accountancy firm that has consistently expanded over the years. They strive to work closely with their clients to understand all aspects of their business and provide the best service possible. Wright Vigar maintains a commitment to developing the talent of Lincolnshire and as such host regular accountancy-based graduate schemes and placements to train up the next wave of future accountants. A career at Wright Vigar can give you a range of benefits from flexible working hours all the way to study support and a dedication to personal development. With a constantly expanding and thriving business, alongside their excellent graduate opportunities, Wright Vigar would make an excellent choice for a graduate employer.

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Anglian Water Logo

Anglian Water

Anglian Water covers the largest geographical region in England and Wales, supplying water and water recycling services to more than 6 million customers and employing over 5,000 people. Known as being innovators in their industry, Anglian Water boasts several facilities around the county and a corporate office in Lincoln. Anglian Water offers a well-respected graduate scheme in their annual ‘Graduate Leader Programme’, offering graduates the opportunity to take part in a bespoke two-year development scheme – that offers fantastic benefits. On top of this respected scheme, Anglian Water runs Trainee schemes for other roles in their business such as analytics – meaning that no matter your specialism, there will always be a brilliant route into the company. Anglian Water has also won the Bupa Health and Wellbeing Award for its commitment to employee wellbeing. Behind their slogan of ‘Love Every Drop’, Anglian Water pledges to improve sustainability and ‘put water at the heart of a whole new way of living’.

FACT: Anglian Water are responsible for over 27,000Km of water pipes which if laid end-to-end would reach a quarter of the way to the moon.

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Barclays Logo


Tracing its origins all the way back to the late 1600s, Barclays is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known banks. The company has an impressive global presence, operating nearly 5000 branches in over 50 countries around the world – 14 of which are located across Lincolnshire. Barclays offers a variety of rewarding graduate schemes available all year round. Their schemes are split into Expert Programmes and Explorer Programmes so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what area of the industry you want to specialise in, the Explorer programme gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a range of business areas before you decide, from HR and Finance through to web development. They also offer a dynamic working programme that allows you to achieve an optimal work/life balance and as such, Barclays has been named one of the Top 50 employers for women in the UK in 2019.

FACT: Barclays deployed the world’s first cash machine in 1967

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Phillips 66 Logo

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is an American multinational energy and logistics company focussing on the refining, transportation, and marketing of crude oil. The company has over 14,000 employees in over 65 countries worldwide and operates in the UK from the Humber Refinery in Immingham, North Lincolnshire. The Humber Refinery is one of the most complex refineries operated by Phillips 66 and amongst some of the most advanced in Europe, with a crude oil procession capacity of 35 million litres per day. With a range of graduate programmes in the UK and the United States, Phillips 66 offers a fantastic ladder into graduate employment. On top of this, the company boasts a variety of benefits such as private medical insurance and an annual bonus scheme. If you’re interested in working for a globally recognised brand with roots in the county, Philips 66 may be a great choice to begin your graduate career.

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HIT Energy Services Logo

HIT Energy Services

HIT Energy Services are an exciting and forward-thinking business that could kickstart a career for a graduate interested in helping shape a sustainable future. As a growing company, HIT Energy Services are pioneering technology that is revolutionising the solar energy industry. They operate as maintenance for a variety of solar sites to ensure that they run as effectively as possible by engineering solutions that utilise their own patented technology to monitor solar panels for their clients, flagging issues before they become a problem. Working with several large agricultural businesses across the UK, including Branston Potatoes, HIT Energy services run 3 sites across the Midlands and South of England. The company has also offered graduate roles to business development students who would be based in the heart of Lincolnshire with the aim of keeping the UK solar-powered.

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Biffa Logo


Biffa is the UK’s leading business waste management company that provides collection, landfill, recycling, and special waste services to local authorities and commercial clients across the UK. It is the second-largest general waste management company in the UK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, making it one of the 350 largest companies throughout the country. Established over 100 years ago, Biffa now has over 8,000 employees, with coverage across 95% of UK Postcodes. As well as an ongoing commitment to sector leadership in the health, safety, and wellbeing of their people, Biffa’s strategy involves an ambitious investment program in green economy infrastructure and low carbon collections. Covering Lincolnshire from their depot in Lincoln, Biffa has developed graduates in the past through their rotational graduate programme. Moreover, Biffa offers a series of initiatives and programmes to prioritise employee wellbeing, as well as offer a series of online discounts through their ‘Biffa Perkz’ scheme.

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Triton Knoll Logo

Triton Knoll

The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm is a joint sustainability project with RWE, J-Power, and Kansai Electric Power. The project, which commenced construction at the start of 2020, plans to power at least 800,000 UK homes with renewable energy- which is more than double the number of homes in Lincolnshire! The wind farm will be comprised of 90 large turbines located 20 miles off the coast of Lincolnshire. Triton Knoll has a range of career engagement options, including graduate schemes via their parent company, RWE. On the topic of work experience, Triton Knoll encourages student applications to shadow both construction and operations activities in the Greater Lincolnshire region.

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Bradbury Group Logo

Bradbury Group

Bradbury group is one of the UK’s leading physical security solutions manufacturers to keep business across Lincolnshire safe. The company prides itself in offering a comprehensive service for clients ranging from bespoke engineering of innovative security solutions through to product installation for large UK businesses. Production occurs at 3 manufacturing facilities across the UK, the largest of which is based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Bradbury group also offer a year-long Business Development Graduate Scheme focused primarily on sales and marketing which provides graduates with the opportunity to develop their skills in a competitive industry and have a visible impact on the company’s outputs.

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British Steel Logo

British Steel

British Steel is a leading European steel processing company headquartered in Scunthorpe that trace their heritage back over 130 years. British Steel is a market leader for sustainability – setting benchmarks in the steel industry through local and responsible sourcing, effective resource use and waste management, and reduced use of natural gas. Offering impressive holiday packages, private medical insurance, legal and financial assistance, and a host of other benefits, British Steel attract a range of passionate and impressive employees to their company. On top of this, British Steel recognise the need for innovative individuals to pioneer the steel industry, so offer a huge range of training and development opportunities for personal and professional development – whichever direction your career might take you.

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PCA Consulting Engineers Logo

PCA Engineers

PCA Engineers specialise in the manufacturing of turbomachinery, the mechanical engineering involved in the design and production of turbines and compressors. Formed in the late 1980s, PCA has become one of few companies that provide full turbomachine design services worldwide – making it a unique and exciting opportunity for any graduate.In the past, PCA has offered Graduate Engineer roles which would see you working alongside their talented teams of engineers whilst being supported in your development as you progress towards qualifying as a Chartered Engineer. PCA Engineers have a philosophy to recruit the brightest and most accomplished engineers, encouraging you to develop throughout your career with innovative projects that can build your reputation worldwide.

FACT: Many of the engineers at PCA actively contribute to research within the field with the works of their designers being published in books by Cambridge University Press.

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Frontier Logo

Frontier Agriculture

Frontier Agriculture is the UK’s leading crop production and grain marketing business. Formed through a joint initiative between Associated British Foods (ABF) and Cargill inc. in 2005, the company now boasts 46 sites across the UK, including several across Lincolnshire with their head office in Witham St. Hughs. Contributing 20% of the grain market, Frontier trades around 5 million tonnes of grain per year and has an annual turnover in excess of £1.5 billion. Frontier utilises several divisions which provide additional specialist advice to growers, aiming to be the first-choice partner for crop production and crop marketing for UK farmers. They also aspire to be the first-choice employer in UK agriculture, offering several trainee programmes – including Trainee Credit Control Administrator and Trainee Farm Trader. The company has been ranked in the top 30 best large workplaces in the UK every year since they began participating in the Great place to Work Institute Survey in 2012, which compares over 10,000 organisations in more than 50 different countries, thanks to its culture, behaviours, and environment.

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Moy Park Logo

Moy Park

Moy Park is the UK’s leading organic and free-range chicken production company. Covering the UK and parts of Europe, Moy Park specialises in producing their free-range, higher welfare chicken products and delivering them to leading retailers far and wide. Sustainability is a core value of the company and they have made impressive strides towards reducing their waste and energy usage. Moy Park offers an excellent graduate scheme that covers all aspects of their business over the course of two years and will see participants taking part in several placements to become fully trained within the management of a unique and fast-paced business. With their dedication to their employees and offers of attractive salaries and continued job development, Moy Park is an excellent employer for many budding graduates who may be interested in careers in roles such as management or marketing.

Fact: From 2014, the company has contributed zero waste to landfill sites.

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Bakkavor logo


Bakkavor is the leading provider of freshly prepared food in the UK, with a growing international presence in the US and China. Since their inception in Iceland in 1986, Bakkavor has grown massively and now produce a large range of products from desserts to pizzas. Employing over 17,000 people in the UK, Bakkavor has facilities across Lincolnshire, including a head office in Spalding, and offer roles in a range of departments, from production to management and everything in between. With several graduate programmes that are designed to provide an accelerated route into management and provide international opportunities, Bakkavor is committed to developing and supporting graduates to become leaders. With a fantastic starting salary, a dedicated support network and superb employee benefits and development opportunities, there are countless reasons why Bakkavor might be the right place for you to start your graduate career.

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Continental Logo

Continental: Contitech

If you’re looking for an employer leading the way in the manufacturing industry, look no further than Contitech Oil & Marine. The business is one of the 5 divisions that make up Continental, employing nearly 200,000 people in 58 countries worldwide. ContiTech develops, manufactures, and markets products ranging from ballistic materials to environmentally friendly construction solutions. As pioneers in their industry for over 60 years, ContiTech’s Grimsby facility focuses on underwater Oil & Gas hosing to support sustainable initiatives to tackle climate change. With a variety of graduate programmes available both within Contitech, and across the rest of the company, Continental offer some great opportunities for graduates to take the first steps of their career. These graduate programmes offer a variety of roles in corporate positions or more specific engineering roles, meaning that whatever your passion or skill set, there is a path for you. These schemes give you the chance to join a community of like-minded graduates striving to drive the future of the industry. FACT: The company is proud of its employee satisfaction statistics, with over 80% of their employees stating that they’re proud to work for them. That’s over 20% higher than the average!

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NHS Logo

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest hospital trusts in the UK, responsible for a population of over 720,000 people and operating 4 hospitals across the county (Lincoln City, Grantham, Boston and Louth). The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust offers a wealth of opportunities for graduate-level employment and a wide range of graduate schemes in various specialisms, such as the Scientist Training Programme and the Digital, Data and Technology Scheme. Some of the NHS graduate schemes allow for applicants from any degree subject area so be sure not to restrict your search to only schemes directly related to your course area.

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Leonardo Logo


Leonardo is one of the world’s leading Aerospace, Defence and Security companies. With a worldwide workforce of over 49,000 employees, Leonardo delivers innovative technologies to ensure the security and protection of people. The company provides solutions that meets both military and civilian needs on a large scale to a variety of divisions including land, air, sea, and cyber networks. Leonardo has multiple facilities across the UK, one of which is based just on the outskirts of Lincoln city, specialising in Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) as well as having strong connections with the RAF in Lincolnshire. The Lincoln site is also home to the Leonardo Academy, providing expertly delivered academic and operational training on Electronic Warfare systems alongside their award-winning graduate training programme.

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Royal Air Force Logo

Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force work across the UK and internationally to mitigate risks and respond to conflicts and threats. The RAF has 2 Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) stations based in Lincolnshire, at Coningsby and Waddington. The Waddington station is the UK hub of ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) which provides vital communications with other military divisions surrounding security support. The Royal Air Force offers a wide variety of graduate roles at enticing starting salaries for many different specialisms, from Engineering to Personnel Support that can act as a perfect first step for graduates wanting to work in the RAF. Lincolnshire is also home to the RAF College Cranwell, a training academy for enthusiastic trainee aircrew and officers, as well as being the base of various RAF support teams including the RAF Flying School.

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Sills & Betteridge Logo

Sills & Betteridge

A leading solicitor firm with offices throughout Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, Sills & Betteridge is an experienced law firm with a long history of excellent service. Sills & Betteridge are diligent in their dedication to both their clients and employees and as such, people are at the core of what they do. As part of this, Sills & Betteridge are rigorous in training and developing their staff, offering a range of courses and training schemes to produce the next wave of experienced and professional solicitors. Through their “Trainee Solicitor Schemes” Sills & Betteridge make an enticing choice for graduates looking to enter a career into law, however, graduates are also encouraged to explore the many different roles that this diverse firm may have to offer.



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Ørsted logo


Ørsted is a leading energy company striving to establish the UK as a beacon of green energy. In Lincolnshire, Ørsted is co-owner of the Lincs Offshore Windfarm based 5 miles off the coast of Skegness. The wind farm produces enough energy to power 240,000 homes – that’s roughly a third of all Lincolnshire houses. Ørsted is dedicated to the continuous development of its employees, which includes individual development plans and salary reviews. Ørsted offers a scheme in Grimsby to train you as an offshore wind turbine technician apprentice which will help progress your career into a full-time technician. With their dedication to green energy and sustainability, alongside their aims to provide opportunities for local communities, Ørsted would make an excellent employer for those looking to enter the energy sector and participate in the fight against climate change.

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Langley Solicitors Logo

Langleys Solicitors LLP

Langleys Solicitors pride themselves in being a different kind of law firm, one which lives and breathes the belief that “going the extra mile is the rule, not the exception.” With their focus on specialising in specific markets to better help their clients in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, Langley’s have dedicated themselves to providing care and common sense to their client’s problems. This care also extends beyond their clients to the many people they employ. Langleys have carefully created a working culture that ensures everyone feels valued and is encouraged to be ambitious to reach their maximum potential. As part of this, Langleys offer training contracts every year to recruit graduates and train them into full-time solicitors, making them an excellent entry point for both law and non-law candidates.

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Bird & Co Logo

Bird & Co.

Bird & Co is a premier law firm with offices based in Grantham, Lincoln and Newark. Bird & Co are a firm with over 30 years’ experience, now providing a range of legal services for both individual and business clients alike. A career in law can offer diverse opportunities for progression which is often paired with an enticing starting salary.  Bird & Co offers a variety of work experience opportunities for students and graduates to kickstart their legal careers. However, it’s not always vital to have a law-related degree to pursue careers in law, with Bird & Co also offering a variety of non-legal roles for graduates from a range of course disciplines from HR to Business Management.

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Roythornes Solicitors Logo

Roythornes Solicitors

Roythornes Solicitors have been serving businesses and individuals for 85 years. With an array of strategically located offices in Spalding, Peterborough, Nottingham, Birmingham and Alconbury, Roythornes provide a full spectrum of legal support to their clients. As a progressive, market-leading firm with ambitious plans for growth, Roythornes put people first. One-third of staff have been with the firm for over ten years – demonstrating their ‘grow from within’ ethos. As well as a commitment to developing their workforce (which includes learning and development support for professional qualifications), there are a host of benefits that employees can take advantage of. This includes the firm’s personal pension plan, personal health insurance and a private health scheme, as well as discounted legal fees and annual summer and Christmas staff events.

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Bae Systems logo

BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a British multinational arms, security, and aerospace company. Headquartered in London and with operations worldwide, BAE Systems use advanced defence technology to protect people and national security by keeping critical information and infrastructure secure. Employing a skilled workforce of over 89,000 people in more than 40 countries, BAE Systems work closely with local partners to support economic development by transferring knowledge, skills, and technology. With a presence in Lincolnshire at both RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington, BAE Systems invest over £90 million per year into skill development and education and offer a range of graduate programmes including business, engineering and IT amongst many others, giving graduates the opportunity to upskill and specialise in areas of the industry that interests them the most.

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BBC Radio Lincolnshire Logo

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Operating from a studio in uphill Lincoln, BBC Radio Lincolnshire hosts a variety of radio shows and on-demand services for the people of Lincolnshire and beyond. Broadcasting to an average weekly audience of around 100,000 listeners, BBC Radio Lincolnshire host a range of shows catering to every interest. From sports shows, highlighting full commentary of Lincoln City and local football matches, to their graduate hosted BBC Music Introducing show, BBC Radio Lincolnshire do it all. All of this, alongside the emergence of on-demand services, gives employees at BBC Radio Lincolnshire more variety in their role than ever. So, if you have the drive to develop a career in radio, whether that’s working behind the scenes in the production team to support the shows or as a talented presenter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire may have something for you. As a national employer, the BBC offer a wide selection of graduate schemes and whilst these may not all be based in the local area, they can act as a great entry point for anyone looking to work for the BBC. From creative fields such as design and production through to business roles including legal and finance, the BBC have a graduate scheme to suit anyone’s specialism.

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Lincolnshire Police Logo

Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police is the territorial police force covering the non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire. At the heart of this service are Lincolnshire police’s ‘PRIDE’ values which stand for Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Empathy. The force is one of the largest in England and Wales, covering 2,284 square miles and a population of around 736,700, employing over 2,500 people. A career in the police force can be dynamic and exciting – offering a host of development opportunities and a variety of career paths to suit everyone. You are also eligible for a ‘blue light card’, offering fantastic exclusive discounts at a range of shops and restaurants, as well as access to ‘Police Mutual’ – who offer financial and wellbeing advice and a range of exclusive products designed especially for the police.

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Age UK Logo

AGE UK – Lincolnshire & South Lincolnshire

Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire is an independent and local charity working with the community to support the elderly. The charity has a team of over 200 dedicated staff and volunteers working together to deliver services to over 4,000 people over the age of 50 in Lincoln and across the county. Ran as an independent charity, Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire have many great benefits to support their employees, with a great work/life balance, ongoing training, and support, competitive rates of pay, and a generous holiday allowance. Their values underpin the way they work, supporting not only the users of their services but their employees too – making Age UK a fantastic employer for you to make a real difference, love the work you do, and grow both personally and professionally.

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Think 2 Speak Logo

Think 2 Speak

Think 2 Speak is a multi-award-winning social enterprise charity with a mission to empower and encourage age-appropriate conversations. It aims to open these discussions within a range of settings, including universities, schools, workplaces, pharmaceutical companies, and national charities. Think 2 Speak offer bespoke services including training and CPD, counselling, support groups, social action projects, and research and consultancy, utilising an expert team specialising in Wellbeing, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Mental Health, and Relationships and Sex Education. If you’ve got a passion to make a difference, there are opportunities to volunteer alongside your studies to get your foot in the door. This experience can lead to a variety of roles that require a specific skill, from marketing to more people-focused roles.

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Lincolnshire County Council Logo

Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council is the governing body for the non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire. This doesn’t include North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, which are run by their own unitary authorities. The council is responsible for a variety of public services such as education, transport and waste management. As such, careers within local government are extremely dynamic, with opportunities across a range of departments and roles often arising. As part of the global effort to tackle climate change, Lincolnshire County Council aims to be net carbon zero by 2050 across all public sectors. All levels of local government ensure the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their area, making working for the region’s county council rewarding as you make large scale changes to people’s lives. Lincolnshire County Council is a people-focused organisation, providing a sense of community within their roles. You can earn a competitive salary, as well as benefit from a range of flexible working options and a host of training and development opportunities, on top of making a difference to your community.



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Woodland Trust Logo

Woodland Trust

Headquartered in Grantham, Lincolnshire, The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, prioritising the creation, protection, and restoration of woodlands around the country. Maintaining ownership of over 1,000 sites covering over 29,000 hectares, with around 33% of this dedicated to ancient woodland, the Trust ensures public access to its woods. An eco-friendly headquarters was developed in 2010, with light shelves to distribute natural daylight and concrete panels to absorb thermal heat – with estimations suggesting that the timber structure saved the equivalent in carbon production as nine years of the building’s operation. Officially accredited with the ‘Investors in People’ award, the Woodland Trust create an environment that allows talented people to thrive, supporting a healthy work/life balance and ensuring employee wellbeing, allowing you to reach your full potential whilst making a difference.

Fact: The Woodland Trust has planted over 50 million trees since their inception in 1972.

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AMP Rose Logo

AMP Rose

Operating for over 140 years, AMP Rose has developed into one of the world’s leading machine suppliers to the confectionary industry with internationally distributed products to over 80 countries worldwide. The company has built an envious reputation as a world-leading supplier of confectionery packaging machinery, operating out of their two facilities in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, and Bangalore, India – giving you the opportunity for potential international work. Employing over 130 staff, the main purpose-built facility boasts some of the best technology in the industry, including automated 3D design software and leading programming departments. By working with robotics and the latest assembly-line technology, AMP Automation designs top-of-the-range automation systems that push the industry forward. If you’re looking for a career in the engineering industry, then look no further than AMP- from designing state of the art robotics to programming bespoke design software, a career with AMP gives you the opportunity to put your studies into practice!

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Leap Logo


LEAP is a charity based within Lincolnshire set up to provide accommodation and support for vulnerable individuals. Originally founded to help vulnerable young people, LEAP has expanded its outreach to maximise the number of vulnerable individuals and families that they can support. LEAP is equally dedicated to supporting and developing its staff. Working for LEAP will be an exciting and fast-paced role that would see you in an environment that values your contributions and personal development while you work to better the vulnerable people of Lincolnshire. If you’re looking to make a change in people’s lives whilst working in a friendly and supportive team, then LEAP would make an excellent step into the charity sector.

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Apogee Logo


Apogee is Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed print and document services. Founded over 25 years ago and operating from bases around the continent (including a facility just south of Lincoln), Apogee utilises innovative solutions to be the first-choice provider for organisations looking to optimise the way they produce and manage their documents and processes. With a focus on sustainability and development, Apogee’s values of passion, knowledge, and respect, drive the organisation’s culture and develops their identity. As an independent subsidiary of HP Inc, Apogee provide the benefits of working with one of the world’s leading technology companies as well as a smaller close-knit business.

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Grimsby Institute Logo

Grimsby Institute

With the main campus located in the heart of Grimsby and 12 branch sites spanning Greater Lincolnshire, The Grimsby Institute is a further and higher education University Centre in North East Lincolnshire. Incorporating the University Centre Grimsby, the Grimsby Institute is one of the highest Ofsted rated colleges in the county. The Grimsby Institute has an abundance of staff benefits, including attractive holiday allowances (including a minimum of 3 days off over Christmas) and an impressive pension scheme. Additionally, staff can also benefit from a range of salary sacrifice schemes, various staff discounts on and off-campus, flexible working, and a commitment to staff training and development. At the Grimsby institute, you can have a sense of reward through working at an award-winning educational institution.

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Double Impact Services Logo

Double Impact Services

Double Impact is an addiction and education charity whose aim is to help people rebuild their lives after struggling with addiction. Double impact believes that addiction doesn’t need to destroy lives and as such work to support anyone struggling with the impact of addiction to improve and repair their lives. As a testament to how they transform lives, over 40% of the team are former addicts with many of them being ‘graduates’ from their services. Double Impact uses their in-depth knowledge of addiction struggles to help them cater their services to their users’ needs. Forward momentum is at the heart of Double Impact’s objectives, with the goal of constant improvement very much at the forefront of everything they do. If you’re looking for a career that will see you make a tangible difference in people’s lives the Double Impact Services would be an excellent fit for you.

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Eurofins logo


Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company that provides a unique range of analytical testing services to make life and the environment safer, healthier, and more sustainable. They are a world leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical testing, with an added speciality in AgroScience clinical research. Operating a food and water testing plant in Grimsby, Eurofins is looking for students and graduates for paid placements and full-time roles from diverse disciplines, from science and engineering, to finance, IT, HR and communications. Eurofins assist colleagues in their professional and personal development through their e-learning platform, the Eurofins Academy. The company’s two-year management training programme is designed to challenge you and help you be the best version of yourself – putting you on the fast track to running your own business unit within the company.

FACT: In a little over 30 years, Eurofins has grown from one laboratory in Nantes, France, to more than 800 laboratories worldwide – employing over 50,000 staff across a network of more than 900 independent companies in over 50 countries.

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Lincoln College Logo

Lincoln College

With 11,000 students across its sites in Lincoln, Gainsborough and Newark, Lincoln College is one of the largest educational establishments in Lincolnshire. Offering a range of opportunities for school-leavers and over-18s alike, Lincoln College also owns and operates the Deans Sport & Leisure Centre, which is used for both teaching and by the general public. There are a range of roles available at Lincoln College, with the vision of capability, capacity and wellbeing as the first cornerstone of success. As such, there is a commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as a plethora of staff benefits to be taken advantage of. This includes flexible working opportunities, ‘dress down’ Fridays, a series of events centred on wellbeing, and a discounted on-site gym and spa membership. On top of this, over 200 perks, discounts and freebies are available via the college’s Perkbox platform. The great variety of staff benefits, as well as the impressive reputation of Lincoln College, make them a fantastic organisation to start your graduate career.

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ALDI is the common brand name for two German family-owned discount supermarket chains (ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd). With over 11,000 stores in 20 countries and an estimated turnover of more than €50 billion, ALDI has grown into a global powerhouse in the retail industry. In the UK alone, Aldi now has over 900 stores, with plans to expand to over 1,200 by 2025. Aldi puts a strong focus on people – staff and customers alike – so on top of their fantastic rates of pay, they also offer great holiday entitlement, an impressive pension scheme and a subsidized healthcare plan. On top of this, ALDI’s Graduate Area Manager Programme is one of the best in the business – offering a £44,000 starting salary and a fully expensed BMW 3 series.

FACT: Aldi have won numerous awards for their employment, included being ranked 63rd out of the UK’s top 300 Graduate Employers, and 5th in the Time’s Top 100 Best Graduate Employers in 2020

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University of Lincoln

University of Lincoln

Located in the heart of the city, the University of Lincoln is home to over 17,000 staff and students and is a driver for academic innovation in the county. A career in higher education allows you to play a huge role in the development of students throughout their studies and into their working lives. The university’s size means it essentially functions as its own living community with thousands of jobs in department areas ranging from accommodation services and HR to independent research teams and IT, each playing a critical role in student life and development. On top of this, the University of Lincoln has become integrated into the county through partnerships with local organisations and the development of enterprise hubs to support new businesses. Roles at the University of Lincoln come with plenty of support and benefits too. This includes superb annual leave entitlement, fantastic staff development programmes and an enticing rewards & recognition scheme. With a variety of career paths to choose from and gold-standard support to help you get there, the University of Lincoln would be the perfect place to start your graduate career!

Modern University of the Year award 2021 by The Sunday Times

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Lincolnshire Coop Logo

Lincolnshire Co-op

The Lincolnshire Co-op is an independent consumer co-operative that operates in Lincolnshire and its surrounding areas. In business since 1961, the society now has over 215 outlets, with its main trading activity being food stores, funeral homes, travel agencies, florists and pharmacies. With over 289,000 members and over 3,000 employees, Lincolnshire Co-op has been named one of the country’s top employers and has been named a platinum ‘Investor in People’. Lincolnshire Co-op has a lot to offer their employees, including a generous annual leave entitlement and competitive rates of pay that is negotiated with trade unions. On top of this, employees can benefit from a range of development opportunities, discretionary staff bonuses based on the society’s performance, and a staff suggestion scheme (with a maximum reward of £1,000 for ‘Suggestion of the Year’).

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Coveris Logo


Coveris is a global packaging company, with several bases across Lincolnshire, that specialises in sustainable solutions for world-renowned brands. Coveris uses a high level of expertise to produce quality packaging for their customers with a focus on ensuring that their products remain sustainable. You’ve no doubt picked up one of their products before as Coveris has developed the award-winning packaging for many retailers such as Sainsbury’s, M&S and Tesco.  With their dedication to sustainability, Coveris would make an excellent opportunity for graduates who wish to join a leading company that works alongside respected brands and companies to build towards a greener future.

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Logo of Interflora


Founded in 1923, Interflora is now the world’s largest and most experienced flower delivery network. Located in the heart of Sleaford, Interflora’s business model works by utilising its network of around 900 florists across the UK. With a ‘big but small’ family culture, Interflora drives an ethos of collaboration and openness within their organisation. This is demonstrated through their regular events and get-togethers, allowing employees to unwind and have fun. Not only do employees benefit from such a friendly, supportive and flexible environment, but also receive generous holiday allowances, a company pension scheme, and health insurance among other benefits, as well as ‘peak-treats’ during busy periods and a bouquet on their birthday!

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Bishop Grosseteste University Logo

Bishop Grosseteste University

Established as a teacher training college in the mid-1800s, Bishop Grosseteste has developed and grown into a university that offers a wide selection of degree-level qualifications. The university now delivers courses in disciplines ranging from education and creative arts to cultural studies and humanities. Located in uphill Lincoln, BGU benefits from being just a short walk away from the historic Lincoln cathedral and castle. The university’s smaller size gives employees at the institution the feeling that they can make a difference and have a real, individual impact on the university, which is often missed in large-scale institutions. Bishop Grosseteste University can offer a career in higher education whilst maintaining that close-knit, personal feel of a smaller organisation. This allows you to see your impact on the university from day one, whether that’s as a member of the academic team or as part of the professional services. The university ensures that as the institution grows, its employees grow too. To support this, they offer a host of benefits to support staff with their professional development and wellbeing.

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Enterprise Rent a car Logo

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the largest transport solutions providers in the world, offering local and airport rentals, and exotic car and van hire. Alongside this range of rental services, Enterprise also provides business solutions for long-term commercial needs. Through its network and regional subsidiaries, Enterprise Rent-A-Car employs more than 100,000 people, operates more than 10,000 branches in over 90 countries, and has a fleet of 2 million vehicles. In the UK, Enterprise has branches and vehicles within 10 miles of 93% of the UK population. Enterprise has a variety of centres across Lincolnshire, as well as an effective Graduate Management Trainee Programme at the foundation of their company structure. This underpins their unique ‘promote-from-within culture’, with almost all their full-time employees starting within this programme – including their current CEO.

FACT: Putting sustainability at the forefront of their business, Enterprise has pledged to plant 50 million trees over 50 years and aims to use their values to become a leader in car rental, sustainability, and innovation.

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Dynex Logo

Dynex Semiconductors

Dynex Semiconductor specialises in the design, development, and production of High-Power Semiconductor modules and Power Assemblies. As an essential component of any electronic device that can generate, transmit, or utilise power, semiconductors are vital in a range of products. As such, Dynex’s work is essential for a technologically advanced future. With a base of operations in Lincoln, Dynex have provided their products across multiple projects globally that vary from power grids and renewables to transportation. In partnership with other leading semiconductor developers, Dynex have become a leading international semiconductor business. Dynex offers a range of benefits for their employees, from competitive salaries and discounts on shopping to higher education sponsorship and further training. The company recognise the value of graduates in the industry and are always looking to hire graduates from maths, physics or engineering disciplines. Their specialisms in engineering and semiconductor production mean that Dynex would make a brilliant fit for graduates of many STEM subjects, offering experience, training and knowledge to those with the desire to become leaders of the future.

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DWP Logo

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is the government body responsible for welfare, pensions, and child maintenance policy. As the UK’s largest public service department, the DWP employs over 96,000 people across the country. The responsibilities of the DWP include administering state pension, disability benefits, and other state benefits to over 20 million customers. The department is headquartered in central London but has offices up and down the country, including Lincolnshire. Working for the DWP provides a rewarding range of opportunities, all of which focus on aiding and assisting others. With a huge scope of mandates, projects, and job roles, you’re sure to find an active and engaging role that will utilise your skills and allow you to help others with their financial situations.

Fact: The department is committed to understanding and creating new strategies to combat poverty at its source and you could be part of that effort!

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Amica HR Logo

Amica HR

Amica HR is a human resources company that was formed in 2012. As the company has evolved, they’ve worked with large organisations such as EDF Energy and the NHS! Amica HR is dedicated to supporting other companies by providing human resource management services, allowing their clients to focus on their business strategies. At the heart of Amica’s approach are its core principles of integrity, collaboration, empowerment, responsibility and respect. As an employer, Amica HR is dedicated to recruiting individuals who will enjoy working for a fast-growing company and can keep pace and grow alongside the company. Amica would make an excellent opportunity for graduates looking to join a developing company that is willing to invest in their future.

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Ambitions Personnel Logo

Ambitions Personnel

Trading independently since 1990 and with a turnover reaching £48 million, Ambitions Personnel is a recruitment company headquartered in Lincoln. Now with 11 offices across Lincolnshire and surrounding areas, Ambitions Personnel are proud to be in the 1% of Recruitment and Employment Confederation Members to hold ‘Audited Status’ – making them the gold standard in recruitment. As a well-established company in the dynamic and rewarding multibillion UK recruitment industry, Ambitions Personnel offers exciting positions at all levels for individuals looking to develop. Offering competitive salaries and an excellent commission structure, employees can benefit from a range of perks and benefits on top of a fantastic salary.

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FreshLinc Logo


Utilising state-of-the-art facilities and a modern fleet of high-end vehicles, FreshLinc focuses on the logistical supply chain management of temperature controlled fresh products across the UK. Founded 25 years ago, FreshLinc’s roots are very much planted in the county of Lincolnshire with a head office in Spalding. Through its continued expansion and development, FreshLinc now has bases across the UK and offers international opportunities across Europe. A role in the transport and logistics industry offers a rewarding career as the industry is essential to the success of all economic sectors. This is especially true in Lincolnshire, which grows 30% of the nation’s vegetables – highlighting the pivotal role you could play in feeding the nation. The industry provides early management responsibility and opportunities to fast-track your career, with a diverse range of projects and objectives to take charge of – allowing you to develop as a multi-talented employee with a wealth of experience in different fields.

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FMC Logo

FMC Global Talent

FMC Global Talent specialises in recruitment across a range of tech industries, boasting partnerships with some market-leading organisations and working with some of the world’s most recognised and innovative brands to support their clients and candidates for 25 years. With offices in Lincoln and Bristol and with a global reach – placing senior, technical and contract talent in 23 countries to date – FMC Global Talent serve their operating markets with the same four core principles: Openness, Simplicity, Value and Quality. FMC Global Talent love to develop graduates, with most graduate recruiters starting in the FMC Talented programme progressing to account management roles within 12 months (with the fastest being just 6 months!). With a range of benefits including uncapped bonuses, discounted healthcare schemes and structured development, with the right level of ambition FMC Global Talent could be the first steps of a rewarding career in recruitment.

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Metsä Wood Logo

Metsa Woods UK

Metsä Woods is a Finnish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, sustainable wood products with a base in Boston, Lincolnshire. The business is responsible for delivering products to construction and industrial customers in 14 countries across the world. Metsä Woods are part of the Metsä group, which means by joining the organisation you’ll have the opportunity to build your career within an internationally recognised business. Although they do not offer a graduate scheme, the company host a variety of graduate level jobs in a range of exciting areas such as Finance and Logistics. With a strong focus on sustainability, Metsä Woods ensures that they use 100% traceable wood whilst still maintaining their incredible efficiency and are generating forward-thinking initiatives to enable a sustainable long term business model. Metsä Woods also encourage the continuous improvement and development of all their employees and for anyone looking for a career in manufacturing or sustainability, Metsä Woods are an innovative employer who will support you to reach your full potential.

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Associated British Ports

Handling around one-quarter of the nation’s seaborne trade and contributing over £7 billion to the economy every year, Associated British Ports (ABP) is the UK’s leading port operator. With a network of 21 ports across the country, ABP supports around 120,000 jobs in all areas of Logistics. With an impressive Graduate Scheme held annually, ABP understands the value of university talent in all areas of their business. The two-year scheme allows you to work in a business area to suit your specialism, whether this is in a logistics specific discipline, such as Port or Property Management, or more general positions, like Finance or HR. Associated British Ports also invest and support local events and activities, allowing their staff to make a difference in their communities. Associated British Ports have more than just competitive salaries to offer their employees, with private health insurance, a great pension scheme, and a variety of discounts to ensure employee satisfaction across all areas.

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North East Lincolnshire Council

North East Lincolnshire Council is a unitary authority, meaning it has the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. Operating from Grimsby Town Hall, North East Lincolnshire Council covers an area of 74 square miles and a population of over 150,000, including Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham. Offering flexible working conditions to help your work/life balance, impressive pension schemes and a variety of discount offers, North East Lincolnshire Council have a range of employee benefits to ensure staff take pride in where they work. With a vision to create a stronger economy and stronger communities, North East Lincolnshire Council provide meaningful work for their residents, providing you with the opportunity to truly make a difference.

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With a net income of over £3 billion and nearly 300,000 employees worldwide, Siemens are a world-leading engineering and technology company with bases across the UK. Siemens offer plenty of graduate schemes in fields ranging from business and finance to engineering and computer science. Their large number of schemes ensures that there is plenty of opportunities for graduates to develop within the organisation in any number of specialisms. The Siemens Graduate Programmes provides graduates with the opportunity to upskill in a range of business disciplines, build their networks, and benefit from being part of a community of highly skilled graduates. There is also a host of benefits offered to employees at Siemens, including a suite of discount schemes, a regularly reviewed salary, bonuses, and a commission scheme. On top of this, there are several affordable programs to become a Siemens shareholder, allowing you to benefit further from the company’s success. With excellent wellbeing programmes and a corporate social responsibility scheme that allows every employee two paid volunteering days to support charitable causes, Siemens are a company that can help you develop as a graduate whilst supporting their community.

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North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council, centred in Scunthorpe, covers an area of 327 square miles and a population of over 170,000. With aims to improve sustainable business, tourism and construction of affordable housing, North East Lincolnshire are looking to improve and support the local economy, as well as support communities, to enjoy good health and wellbeing. This is represented in their mantra ‘Stronger Economy and Stronger Communities’. Employees are supported at North Lincolnshire Council with a variety of leave schemes (including adoption leave, maternity leave and special leave among others) as well as competitive salaries and other benefits, allowing employees to enjoy their working life in a position where they can impact the communities they live in.

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Gist is a transport and logistics company focussing on the entire supply chain management of over 70 countries across the world, delivering temperature-controlled goods and services to a range of big-name clients across the world, from Tesco to Starbucks. Gist strives to deliver innovative solutions to evolve its ever-moving business and maintain its status as a leading logistics organisation. Formed over 50 years ago and now operating with a global network, Gist established the first centralised chilled distribution network in the UK and have been moving forward with their innovative high-quality service ever since. Gist offers several graduate schemes in areas ranging from HR to Engineering, making them an exciting business for recent graduates looking to fast track their career in logistics and related industries. In these graduate schemes, Gist aims to promote mutual growth by investing in their people and training their employees to become managers of the future. Offering structured progression, through performance reviews and a focus on internal recruitment, Gist can offer a rewarding career with attractive benefits.

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