Headshot of Kate Ellam with good doggo in background

Kate Ellam

I always saw Lincoln as a lovely town with everything you could want whilst also having a countryside feel to it!
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Tina El Bikam

You can have a good work/life balance as you can be on the coast or in green spaces in under an hour.
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Headshot of Lauren Saxby

Lauren Saxby

So much more going on in Lincolnshire, so many opportunities are available to make the most of.
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Headshot of Hannah Fletcher

Hannah Fletcher

Use the contacts at the University of Lincoln to help you get experience in the workplace.
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Headshot of Steve Smailes

Steve Smailes

I came to Lincolnshire because the media course was one of the best in the country.
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Headshot of Alistair Berry

Alistair Berry

Only found the city 6 months before before I started, really fell in love with it and knew I wanted to study here.
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Headshot of Joel Murray

Joel Murray

The opportunities are all there, you just have to be smart with how you find them.
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Headshot of Jordan Mason

Jordan Mason

Lincolnshire has so many opportunities that you might not expect – so be sure to look around!
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Headshot of Sean Brennan

Sean Brennan

So many roles in Lincolnshire, we are booming, from the city of Lincoln to the market towns and villages.
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Headshot of Alice Carter

Alice Carter

Your degree provides you with a number of skills that can be transferred into many contexts – so be confident!
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