Student Projects

The Workday Program

The Workday programme offered final year students a chance to work on a 1:1 basis with a business on projects that would be approximately 1-days’ worth of work.

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The workday programme

An overview of the projects


Content Creation:

Hubgem Marketing Logo

Who is Hubgem?

Hubgem is a Lincolnshire based digital marketing specialist founded by a former University of Lincoln student. Hubgem passionately believes that it is through the careful nurturing of inbound marketing strategies that businesses can effectively build and engage their client base. The company have been successfully delivering this service since their inception in 2019.

What did the project involve?

Hubgem partnered with the Workday scheme to recruit some creative students to assist in the production of quality marketing content for their own company. Over the course of their Workday placements, the students worked closely with Hubgem to produce a range of blog posts catered to their business and advertising schemes, helping boost both the company’s output and the students’ own portfolio.


Research Project:

Think 2 Speak Logo

Who is Think2Speak?

Think2Speak is a multi-award-winning social enterprise charity with a mission to empower and encourage age-appropriate conversations. With a headquarters in Gainsborough and a national reach, Think2Speak run a range of initiatives and workshops to support those in need and reached out to be part of the Workday Programme to better understand the impact of their messaging.

What did the project involve?

Taking on three students for different projects Think2Speak asked the team to conduct research projects into their core messaging, upcoming campaigns, and the effectiveness of online counselling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The three projects proved to be an enormous success with each student providing some compelling research that Think2Speak could utilise in upcoming planning projects and delivery of their core services.

Tri Industrial Services

Engineering Project:

Tri Industrial Services

Who is TRI Industrial Services?

TRI Industrial Services are a Lincolnshire based company specialising in the production of bespoke engineering products to support access in the workplace from Forklifts to Clamps and Winches. With over 50 years of experience in their specialist industries, the TRI Industrial Services team combine their knowledge of diverse sectors to produce the best experience for their clients.

What did the project involve?

As an organisation that faces many challenging technical projects, it is important for TRI Industrial Services to consider all options when creating a solution for a client. This created the perfect opportunity for the business to partner with a few engineering students. TRI utilised the skills of two of the students to generate solutions for an engineering problem they were facing. The students were asked to solve an issue involving some machinery and beams in a client’s factory being put under extreme amounts of pressure and to find a solution to rectify the problem. Over the course of the project, the students worked to produce some useful and innovative solutions that could be incorporated into TRI’s solutions going forward.

Drumbeat Marketing

Research Project:

Drumbeat Logo

Who is DrumBEAT Marketing?

Starting off their life as a duo of experienced digital marketers, drumBEAT has rapidly evolved into an award-winning, Lincolnshire-based, marketing agency with offices throughout the county. The company have a particular focus on customer relations and transparency throughout all interactions.

What did the project involve?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, drumBEAT found that many small businesses were struggling with marketing and needed additional support. As part of this, they created Evolve – two website packages for small businesses that could not afford large bills. After finding initial success, drumBEAT wanted to perform an assessment of their platform to see ways in which it could be improved – leading them to the Workday programme. Over the course of the project, the student worked closely with drumBEAT, using their talents and interest in marketing to benchmark other marketing agencies. This led to the production of an extensive report exploring the effectiveness of the Evolve platform, The students’ work evaluated the processes already in place and made suggestions to improve the platform in the future. This was a resounding success, with the student moving into paid employment with drumBEAT following the conclusion of the project.

Fire Works Design

Design Project:

Lincoln Independent Logo

Who is Fire Works Design?

Fire Works Design Ltd (FWD) is a local magazine publisher, which has been providing Lincoln residents with the Bailgate Independent for more than 20 years. The team at Bailgate Independent support other local businesses and do not carry national advertising to ensure they keep a focus on local independent clients working throughout the region.

What did the project involve?

As a publication that is always looking to evolve and improve, Bailgate Independent asked for the insight of some creative students regarding the design and layout of their magazine. Over the course of the Workday project, the students worked closely with Bailgate using their design experience to provide suggestions and different creative input regarding the current design of the Bailgate Independent.

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