The Nature Trail Challenge


Following Lockdown, interest and demand for local provision of activities had increased and West Lindsey District Council were looking to support residents with more activities on their doorstep.

In their efforts to increase tourism in the town of Market Rasen, the Council partnered with the Graduate Skills Builder scheme to help them develop and deliver a new educational trail. The idea of trails is popular across several key provisions, including being outside and providing exercise, having the opportunity to be educational or challenging, providing footfall to local businesses along the trails and providing potential social activities for families or the local community. Successful trails also have the potential to increase tourist activity in the area and therefore help to support local businesses.

The project team extensively researched the local area around Market Rasen to highlight key landmarks and businesses that could be utilised on the trail. Activities the group came up with included but were not limited to photo opportunities and challenges. Another suggestion was also to tailor the activities on the trail around different national holidays and events.

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