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The Radiotherapy Services Branding Challenge

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The Oncology department at Lincolnshire Hospital set a brief for a group of students to create a marketing plan with re-branding suggestions and improvements to their reception area.

The student team outlined the ways in which the department could promote a sense of confidence and personality to their operations using updated branding materials and subtle changes to their welcome area. The Oncology department wanted visitors to feel positive and relaxed when visiting the centre and these feelings were echoed in the suggestions the students put forward- focussing on colour theory and the psychological effect of certain designs and messages.

The group also suggested methods to reduce patient anxiety, one of which was to enable visitors to access a virtual tour of the department with an explanation of each step of their treatment so that those receiving the treatment could feel more at ease with the process. The students’ suggestions extended through to social media and how this could be used to engage and promote a welcoming and reassuring message.

The solutions were delivered in a presentation to a large group of nurses and doctors inside one of the oncology treatment rooms at the hospital. The suggestions were welcomed by all employees and sparked a discussion about how the department could implement the solutions moving forward. The project also gave the students the opportunity to see the inner workings of the department and to consider how this experience might impact their future career plans.

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