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The Graduate Recruitment Challenge

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Micronclean is a Lincolnshire based cleanroom laundry company focussed on innovation and growth.

Operating 3 sites across the county and providing a uniquely technical service means that Micronclean requires a dynamic, highly-skilled, team in order to deliver successful solutions. However, as with many organisations across the region, Micronclean struggles to attract graduates to their business. 

The research project aimed to explore various recruitment strategies in order to encourage graduates to consider Micronclean as a potential employer after graduation. The group also proposed ways in which Mincronclean could build an on-campus presence and become a well-known graduate employer as students begin searching for work in the county. 

The core of the students’ research was the delivery of a survey built to explore the factors that influence graduate career decisions and the effectiveness of careers fairs for improving business recruitment. The results of this survey led the group to propose a variety of solutions ranging from increased social media engagement with targeted groups to arranging talks and meetings with society members and potential future sponsorships. 

These solutions were presented to a board of Micronclean’s managers who were very engaged and receptive to the students’ suggestions which led to an honest and genuine conversation about the groups’ perceptions of graduate employers and what Micronclean could do moving forward to challenge the perception graduates had about their business. 

Overall, the project was a resounding success, with one student from this project taking part in a summer placement with Micronclean. 

Hear from the students who took part in the Graduate Recruitment Challenge with Micronclean

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