Graduate Skills Builder

The Company Culture Challenge

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After the success of their first Graduate Skills Builder project, Micronclean wanted to investigate how their company culture supports their employees at work.

Micronclean have invested a great deal of resources into the development of their SKIEs initiative (Stewardship, Knowledge, Innovation & Excellence) which is used to support employees by providing strategic direction, informing business decisions, and ensuring the customer is firmly at the centre of everything the business does.

To explore this, the project team developed a collaborative survey with Micronclean which was then distributed to all employees.

Once the results had been analysed, a series of case-study interviews were conducted to investigate the findings further, uncovering insights into the company’s culture. It was found that over 90% of respondents were proud to work for Micronclean and would recommend them as an employer. The findings of the students’ research informed a series of recommendations such as:

  • Improving staff communication channels to be more accessible for all members of staff.
  • Increased development of SKIEs initiative for new employees to better embed their company culture.
  • Developing agreed and actionable goals for all employees.

In this project, the students had the opportunity to assess and reflect on how a company’s culture can support their employees at work and use this to consider how this might impact their future career prospects. The group also benefitted from a formal presentation that was delivered to a panel of Micronclean’s managerial team.

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