Graduate Skills Builder

The Brand Development Challenge

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Complete Careers is a partnership of experienced professionals who aimed to develop their reputation as national thought provokers and providers of career-related services to schools and other academic institutions.

Complete Careers asked the project team to review their branding and current engagement practices to understand what changes they could make to increase the growth of their company in the future. 

The student group split this project into several sections, with each member of the team focusing on one core element of the research. This included investigating re-branding options for Complete Careers by exploring the brands of similar organisations and how they effectively capture their business’s message. The team also provided suggestions for how the company newsletter and website could be updated and re-structured as well as improvement methods for social media engagement with their clients. 

The group were able to bring their individual skills together to produce a comprehensive report paired with a well-delivered presentation to members of the business. 

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