Industries in Lincolnshire

Transport & Logistics

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Underpinning both passenger movement and supply chains, the transport and logistics industry is vital for keeping the economy moving and supplying people and businesses.

With the government investing billions of pounds into the UK’s transport infrastructure, there’s no better time to join this industry as a highly-skilled graduate, since specialised workers are in high demand in this growing industry. Greater Lincolnshire’s ports account for over 25% of UK rail freight, highlighting the essential support provided by the region to the rest of the country. Furthermore, the port of Grimsby and Immingham handles around 46 million tonnes of cargo each year, making it the busiest in the UK whilst providing a key gateway to Europe..

Many of the larger transport and logistics companies offer impressive graduate schemes, with many providing the opportunity for international travel. These graduate schemes often relate to freight shipping and logistics, but can sometimes focus on more financial or analytics fields too.

DFDS, Gist, FreshLinc, Stagecoach

One role you might not have expected in this industry:
IT Consultant, Marketing Executive

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