Industries in Lincolnshire

Recruitment & Human Resources (HR)

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Recruitment & HR is a dynamic industry focused on the employment, training, and development of employees, ensuring that all members of an organisation are engaged and satisfied.

A career in HR is exciting and rewarding, with enticing starting salaries and the chance to make a lasting impact. You will have the opportunity to influence all aspects of an organisation by tackling key business issues and supporting employees at work.

Lincolnshire has a range of recognisable organisations, all of which require recruitment and HR professionals to run smoothly – meaning there are tonnes of opportunities for graduates in this area! Even if you don’t fancy working in recruitment directly, there are a load of roles you could go into within this industry, from employment lawyer to internal training provider.

FMC Global Talent, Ambitions Personnel

One role you might not have expected in this industry:
Employment Law Specialist Strategy and Organisation Development

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