Industries in Lincolnshire

Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations (PR)

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The Marketing, Advertising & PR industry involves finding creative and logistical solutions to increase business engagement.

Advertising involves engaging customers through design and media, whilst PR is the engagement of consumers and other third parties through a variety of communication methods. The creative industries in the UK are expanding rapidly and as a result, the government has recently announced a sector deal to support creative businesses across the country. The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) is also engaging businesses in the county to further stimulate entrepreneurial communities, with continued investment in creative enterprise projects.

These renewed investments make this industry a perfect place for new graduates to start their career and is one of the most common industries to start in for those looking to set up a new business or become a freelancer. This growing industry underpins businesses across all sectors of the economy as every organisation requires effective promotion of its products and services in order to be successful.

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