Industries in Lincolnshire

Health & Social Care

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Contributing massively to the Lincolnshire economy, the Health & Social Care industry is made up of a wide range of essential services such as hospitals, dentists, nursing homes, nurseries, physiotherapy clinics, and much more.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, roles in Health and Social Care are valued more than ever, meaning that this industry requires the very best graduates to innovate the future of this crucial sector. As with many other counties across the UK, Lincolnshire has a growing and ageing population which results in an increased demand for highly skilled workers in health and social care roles. Working within this industry would be a rewarding experience for a graduate looking to make a real difference in society.

Did you know that you could work in the Health & Social care industry in a variety of non-clinical roles that prioritize technical IT skills, digital skills, and marketing skills?

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