Industries in Lincolnshire

Environment & Agriculture

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As one of the most important industries in the county’s economy, the Environment and Agriculture industry is key to maintaining our environment, supporting global sustainability issues, and providing food for us all to eat.

Lincolnshire’s picturesque landscapes make it the perfect place for businesses in this industry to thrive – outputting over 30% of the UK’s vegetable produce and providing more jobs than the national average.

The University of Lincoln has the biggest agri-food robotics force in all of Europe making Lincolnshire an industry-leading county which drives the future of agriculture. By joining an industry that prioritizes development and research, you would be seizing the challenging opportunity of contributing to an industry of world-leading agri-food innovation.

Did you know that the Agriculture & Environment industry needs more than just farmers? You could jump into a world of highly-skilled careers ranging from Genetic Researchers to Human Resource Managers.

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