Industries in Lincolnshire

Engineering & Manufacturing

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Engineering & Manufacturing is all about creating the products and machines that we use every day.

Carrying on from its rich history of innovation, the Engineering industry continues to thrive in Lincolnshire providing around 41,000 jobs to the Lincolnshire region alone.

In total, the Engineering & Manufacturing industry provides 1/6th of the county’s workforce. The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) manufacturing sector plan has forecasted that this busy industry’s economic output would double by 2030, allowing the number of total jobs in the region to increase to over 58,000.

With the University of Lincoln’s tailor-made School of Engineering, the sector continues to move from strength to strength. As a growing industry, graduates will be able to fill roles across a wide range of disciplines within engineering, from more traditional mechanical roles to project management and quality assurance.

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