Industries in Lincolnshire

Energy & Utilities

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Helping power the nation, the energy & utilities industry ensures that all our homes and businesses have the resources they need to function.

Energy is one of the cornerstones of Lincolnshire, generating more than 13,000 jobs and many more appearing on the horizon. The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) recently acquired £4.4 million in funding for the Killingholme Pumping Station, to pave the way for future development by protecting the industrial land from flooding. This is just one example of the growth and infrastructure that Lincolnshire dedicates to the Energy sector and proves how vital it is in creating revenue and jobs for the county.

Not every career in this industry requires a high level of specialist technical skills, there are loads of roles that encourage graduates with a diverse skillset – you could find a job as a geological surveyor or perhaps even in the renewables sector, to secure a greener future. Lincolnshire’s energy sector is always seeking fresh graduates to help shape the future of this exciting and integral industry.

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