Industries in Lincolnshire

Charity & Voluntary work

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If you have a passion for helping people and creating lasting impacts, a career in this industry might be for you!

The Charity & Voluntary industry is essential to improving wellbeing and generating social change across the country. The voluntary sector is integral to the wider UK economy, contributing over £18 billion per year. These organisations employ almost 1 million people and with charities all over the country, there will always be an opportunity for you to utilise your skills.

In Lincolnshire, there is a wide range of charities working in a variety of disciplines, from animal conservation to health & social care. Most roles within this industry see you working closely with disadvantaged or struggling individuals to help improve their wellbeing. However, you could still become a pioneer for change even if you’re not as much of a people person. There are many different roles you could fit into – such as Accountancy or Campaign Management!

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