Woodland Trust


Headquartered in Grantham, Lincolnshire, The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, prioritising the creation, protection, and restoration of woodlands around the country. Maintaining ownership of over 1,000 sites covering over 29,000 hectares, with around 33% of this dedicated to ancient woodland, the Trust ensures public access to its woods. An eco-friendly headquarters was developed in 2010, with light shelves to distribute natural daylight and concrete panels to absorb thermal heat – with estimations suggesting that the timber structure saved the equivalent in carbon production as nine years of the building’s operation. Officially accredited with the ‘Investors in People’ award, the Woodland Trust create an environment that allows talented people to thrive, supporting a healthy work/life balance and ensuring employee wellbeing, allowing you to reach your full potential whilst making a difference.

Fact: The Woodland Trust has planted over 50 million trees since their inception in 1972.

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