Waldeck is a UK based technical and strategic management consultancy business with offices throughout the country. They specialise in providing sustainable solutions for clients across the construction industry. Utilising their multi-disciplinary approach, Waldeck incorporates a range of skill sets to best support their clients, ranging from Civil Engineering through to Risk Management. In line with this approach is Waldeck’s Graduate Training scheme, which delivers tailored experiences to bridge the gap between university studies and their fast-paced areas of expertise. By investing in graduates, Waldeck not only boosts their company’s ability to support the delivery of large projects but also improves the specialist skills for the next generation of employees. As such, Waldeck are dedicated to their staff, providing a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives alongside a carefully curated team environment that fosters productivity and enhances employee satisfaction. Waldeck is a great choice for graduates interested in entering this constantly evolving industry.

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