Operating throughout the UK, Stagecoach is one of the largest bus operators in the country serving the population of Lincolnshire. As a member of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 250, Stagecoach is one of the highest performing companies in the country. Stagecoach also offers the widely regarded Graduate Leadership Programme, that trains new graduates into managerial roles, and even supports them to become directors of the company. In fact, over 40 of its current directors are university graduates. Stagecoach aims to foster a community of respect and encourages teamwork and openness in all aspects of its operations. With over 30,000 staff at over 100 locations nationwide and a firm belief in investing in their people, Stagecoach has a lot to offer graduates – whether you want to become a specialist in engineering, marketing, or anything in between. Fact: Stagecoach prioritise sustainability and are now the UK’s biggest investor in hybrid-electric bus technology, investing more than £1billion in innovative and greener buses over the past decade.

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