With a net income of over £3 billion and nearly 300,000 employees worldwide, Siemens are a world-leading engineering and technology company with bases across the UK. Siemens offer plenty of graduate schemes in fields ranging from business and finance to engineering and computer science. Their large number of schemes ensures that there is plenty of opportunities for graduates to develop within the organisation in any number of specialisms. The Siemens Graduate Programmes provides graduates with the opportunity to upskill in a range of business disciplines, build their networks, and benefit from being part of a community of highly skilled graduates. There is also a host of benefits offered to employees at Siemens, including a suite of discount schemes, a regularly reviewed salary, bonuses, and a commission scheme. On top of this, there are several affordable programs to become a Siemens shareholder, allowing you to benefit further from the company’s success. With excellent wellbeing programmes and a corporate social responsibility scheme that allows every employee two paid volunteering days to support charitable causes, Siemens are a company that can help you develop as a graduate whilst supporting their community.

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