Micronclean is a unique business that offers advanced cleaning services, innovative cleanrooms, and technical workwear services to large-scale clients worldwide. These clients range from the NHS and emergency services to various industrial partner areas such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, aeronautics, and food production. As such, Micronclean’s work underpins a variety of essential services across the UK that require sterile products and processes. Innovation is a key driver for Micronclean’s success, and the business has recently benefitted from international expansion by opening a brand-new facility in India. The organisation also has a strong relationship with the University of Lincoln, undertaking a series of projects as part of the Graduate Skills Builder Scheme and actively seeking graduates who share their values to join their business. Micronclean have a lot to offer graduates looking to make their steps into employment, by offering a host of enticing benefits ranging from a Profit Related Pay Scheme to a focus on career progression and development.



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