Appearing in the Times’ Best 100 Companies to work for every year since 2004, Lindum is an employee-owned construction company with offices throughout Lincolnshire and the rest of England. As an employee-owned company, with 80% of its staff active shareholders, Lindum values the opinions and fresh ideas of its employees. By participating in their philosophy of ‘sustain and share,’ you’ll be able to help shape the future of the company with the knowledge that your voice will be heard. Lindum specialises in managing new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects and have worked across a variety of sectors since their founding. Offering several graduate and training schemes, Lindum commits to developing their employees and ensuring they gain the necessary experience to flourish in their careers. As such, around 20% of Lindums current staff is now made up of graduates from their many internal training programmes, making them an excellent employer for graduates looking for roles in the Lincolnshire region who want to make a lasting impact in the construction industry.

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