Utilising state-of-the-art facilities and a modern fleet of high-end vehicles, FreshLinc focuses on the logistical supply chain management of temperature controlled fresh products across the UK. Founded 25 years ago, FreshLinc’s roots are very much planted in the county of Lincolnshire with a head office in Spalding. Through its continued expansion and development, FreshLinc now has bases across the UK and offers international opportunities across Europe. A role in the transport and logistics industry offers a rewarding career as the industry is essential to the success of all economic sectors. This is especially true in Lincolnshire, which grows 30% of the nation’s vegetables – highlighting the pivotal role you could play in feeding the nation. The industry provides early management responsibility and opportunities to fast-track your career, with a diverse range of projects and objectives to take charge of – allowing you to develop as a multi-talented employee with a wealth of experience in different fields.

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