Elsoms Seeds


Elsoms Seeds are prime traders and breeders in agricultural seeds and have remained at the forefront of their market since their inception over 175 years ago. The company has seen remarkable success and received many prestigious awards for the excellent products they produce. Elsoms is not only involved in farming, a substantial portion of the company is also focused on active research into the breeding of specialised seeds to investigate how best to reduce crop waste and promote sustainability. The business does this by supporting PhD students through active research collaborations. As an employer that aims to be a pioneer of the industry, Elsoms is dedicated to its values of specialism, integrity, and building relationships. Elsoms is a unique employer that may challenge the expectations of graduates and continually push them through active research and environmental management. Offering roles from machine maintenance to seed research specialisms, Elsoms have a lot to offer for anyone looking to start their career in an area of the industry you may not have expected!

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