Dynex Semiconductors


Dynex Semiconductor specialises in the design, development, and production of High-Power Semiconductor modules and Power Assemblies. As an essential component of any electronic device that can generate, transmit, or utilise power, semiconductors are vital in a range of products. As such, Dynex’s work is essential for a technologically advanced future. With a base of operations in Lincoln, Dynex have provided their products across multiple projects globally that vary from power grids and renewables to transportation. In partnership with other leading semiconductor developers, Dynex have become a leading international semiconductor business. Dynex offers a range of benefits for their employees, from competitive salaries and discounts on shopping to higher education sponsorship and further training. The company recognise the value of graduates in the industry and are always looking to hire graduates from maths, physics or engineering disciplines. Their specialisms in engineering and semiconductor production mean that Dynex would make a brilliant fit for graduates of many STEM subjects, offering experience, training and knowledge to those with the desire to become leaders of the future.

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