With a dedication to excellence and innovation, Branston is a major producer of fresh and prepared potatoes, and vegetables. The company focuses heavily on consumer research and data analysis to provide innovative solutions for consumer demands. To strive for quality at all levels, Branston is one of the members of Management Development Services’ graduate programme, giving you the opportunity to work with Branston as part of the scheme. (button here for Management Development Services synopsis) Branston has plenty to offer for graduates on the programme, and outside of it by investing in their people – supporting those with the drive to improve with nationally recognised courses and accreditations. Employees have expressed a great level of satisfaction working at Branston, thanks to their ‘no-day-is-the-same’ ethos, and the strong investment into career development. Fact: Branston handle around 350,000 tonnes of potatoes per year, making them one of the biggest distributors in the UK!

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