Tracing its origins all the way back to the late 1600s, Barclays is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known banks. The company has an impressive global presence, operating nearly 5000 branches in over 50 countries around the world – 14 of which are located across Lincolnshire. Barclays offers a variety of rewarding graduate schemes available all year round. Their schemes are split into Expert Programmes and Explorer Programmes so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what area of the industry you want to specialise in, the Explorer programme gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a range of business areas before you decide, from HR and Finance through to web development. They also offer a dynamic working programme that allows you to achieve an optimal work/life balance and as such, Barclays has been named one of the Top 50 employers for women in the UK in 2019.

FACT: Barclays deployed the world’s first cash machine in 1967

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