Allocate Software


Allocate are a healthcare-focused people management software-as-a-service company utilised by over 800 organisations to engage, plan, support and deploy their people, and support their operations effectively. From workforce planning and scheduling to communications and HR processes, Allocate help organisations attract and retain staff, enabling them to meet increased demand with reduced administrative burdens. Open to graduates, those looking for a return to work, or wanting to start a career in a new industry, the Allocate Development Program offers an easy route into employment. Allocate also host a range of employee benefits, including physical and mental wellbeing support, such as an employee assistance programme and health and dental insurance, as well as a range of financial benefits and work/life balance support – from a casual dress-code policy to flexible working arrangements.

Fact: Each week, over 2 million people use Allocate Software’s solutions to manage their working lives.

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