ALDI is the common brand name for two German family-owned discount supermarket chains (ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd). With over 11,000 stores in 20 countries and an estimated turnover of more than €50 billion, ALDI has grown into a global powerhouse in the retail industry. In the UK alone, Aldi now has over 900 stores, with plans to expand to over 1,200 by 2025. Aldi puts a strong focus on people – staff and customers alike – so on top of their fantastic rates of pay, they also offer great holiday entitlement, an impressive pension scheme and a subsidized healthcare plan. On top of this, ALDI’s Graduate Area Manager Programme is one of the best in the business – offering a £44,000 starting salary and a fully expensed BMW 3 series.

FACT: Aldi have won numerous awards for their employment, included being ranked 63rd out of the UK’s top 300 Graduate Employers, and 5th in the Time’s Top 100 Best Graduate Employers in 2020

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