The Civil Services is a group of government departments that support the delivery of government policies. The Civil service is politically impartial and will work alongside whichever party is in power. As a branch of government, the Civil Services impacts every aspect of daily life from transport to defence, environment to education. The role of the organisation is in delivering policy change across every aspect of life, meaning that there’s endless opportunity for varying roles within the Civil Service. As well as working in front line roles such as veterinary services, web developer, marine biologist or customer service advisor, your role may also include advising ministers and developing future policy based on research and experience.

“Offering access to roles in just about every government department, the Fast Stream opens up a huge range of opportunities for you to explore. And because we look at your talent, not your background, age or degree subject, there’s nothing to stand in your way.”

Keep your eye out for the Fast Track scheme opening during your graduate year and check out this video for more information about working for the Civil Service.

North Lindsey College is a training and education provider in Scunthorpe. For over 60 years, the institution has offered a range of educational programmes to students across the region. The college is part of the DN colleges group, which employs 1200 staff and deliver dynamic and inspirational teaching to 13,000 students across the north of the county and surrounding areas. The college’s size means there are a variety of roles on offer to ensure the delivery of a high-quality curriculum and improve the day-to-date running of the organisation. If you’re interested in working for North Lindsey College, you could find yourself in roles from Lecturing to Recruitment. Staff have access to a range of economic and wellbeing benefits, such as pension schemes, gym access and cycle to work programmes, along with a sense of pride in supporting people in education.

Visit the North Lindsay College website

As one of the largest employers in the area, Boston College has been providing high-quality further education for over 50 years, building a reputation for excellence throughout that time. The college now offers over 250 courses to around 4,500 students across the area. Boston College understands the importance of sustainability and has made a series of positive strides towards tackling climate change, including improved use of sustainable materials and rainwater collection initiatives. The college also has strong links with local employers, utilising their Employer Training Team to help local and national businesses grow from within. A career with Boston College encourages professional development through individual performance reviews and funding support towards additional qualifications. Staff can also take advantage of wellbeing support benefits, financial benefits, and a variety of discount schemes. FACT: Unique to Boston College is Lime, the College’s commercial training restaurant – offering high-quality food at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Visit the Boston College careers page

Lincolnshire Football Association is the not-for-profit governing body responsible for overseeing football in the county of Lincolnshire since their formation in 1881. As part of the national Football Association, working at Lincolnshire FA provides the personal feel of working within a close-knit team whilst providing the benefits and pathways of a national organisation. Headquartered just outside of the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire FA utilises football development and business partnership teams to support their work, now overseeing over 1,600 football teams in the county. Lincolnshire FA utilises partnerships with key external organisations, including schools and leisure centres, to provide recreational football, affiliated football, and coach education services to all corners of the county. This gives employees the opportunity to network with external stakeholders and develop a diverse skill set within their roles. Lincolnshire FA offers competitive salaries, a strong commitment to empowered personal and professional development, and a goal to diversify the volunteer workforce to support a more inclusive community in the county. Lincolnshire Football Association is a forward-thinking, progressive sports organisation that can provide a platform for you to make a difference in the region using the power of football.

Visit the LIncolnshire FA website

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is the government body responsible for welfare, pensions, and child maintenance policy. As the UK’s largest public service department, the DWP employs over 96,000 people across the country. The responsibilities of the DWP include administering state pension, disability benefits, and other state benefits to over 20 million customers. The department is headquartered in central London but has offices up and down the country, including Lincolnshire. Working for the DWP provides a rewarding range of opportunities, all of which focus on aiding and assisting others. With a huge scope of mandates, projects, and job roles, you’re sure to find an active and engaging role that will utilise your skills and allow you to help others with their financial situations.

Fact: The department is committed to understanding and creating new strategies to combat poverty at its source and you could be part of that effort!

Visit the DWP careers page

With 11,000 students across its sites in Lincoln, Gainsborough and Newark, Lincoln College is one of the largest educational establishments in Lincolnshire. Offering a range of opportunities for school-leavers and over-18s alike, Lincoln College also owns and operates the Deans Sport & Leisure Centre, which is used for both teaching and by the general public. There are a range of roles available at Lincoln College, with the vision of capability, capacity and wellbeing as the first cornerstone of success. As such, there is a commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as a plethora of staff benefits to be taken advantage of. This includes flexible working opportunities, ‘dress down’ Fridays, a series of events centred on wellbeing, and a discounted on-site gym and spa membership. On top of this, over 200 perks, discounts and freebies are available via the college’s Perkbox platform. The great variety of staff benefits, as well as the impressive reputation of Lincoln College, make them a fantastic organisation to start your graduate career.

Visit the Lincoln College website

Lincolnshire County Council is the governing body for the non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire. This doesn’t include North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, which are run by their own unitary authorities. The council is responsible for a variety of public services such as education, transport and waste management. As such, careers within local government are extremely dynamic, with opportunities across a range of departments and roles often arising. As part of the global effort to tackle climate change, Lincolnshire County Council aims to be net carbon zero by 2050 across all public sectors. All levels of local government ensure the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their area, making working for the region’s county council rewarding as you make large scale changes to people’s lives. Lincolnshire County Council is a people-focused organisation, providing a sense of community within their roles. You can earn a competitive salary, as well as benefit from a range of flexible working options and a host of training and development opportunities, on top of making a difference to your community.



Visit the Lincolnshire County Council website

Operating from a studio in uphill Lincoln, BBC Radio Lincolnshire hosts a variety of radio shows and on-demand services for the people of Lincolnshire and beyond. Broadcasting to an average weekly audience of around 100,000 listeners, BBC Radio Lincolnshire host a range of shows catering to every interest. From sports shows, highlighting full commentary of Lincoln City and local football matches, to their graduate hosted BBC Music Introducing show, BBC Radio Lincolnshire do it all. All of this, alongside the emergence of on-demand services, gives employees at BBC Radio Lincolnshire more variety in their role than ever. So, if you have the drive to develop a career in radio, whether that’s working behind the scenes in the production team to support the shows or as a talented presenter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire may have something for you. As a national employer, the BBC offer a wide selection of graduate schemes and whilst these may not all be based in the local area, they can act as a great entry point for anyone looking to work for the BBC. From creative fields such as design and production through to business roles including legal and finance, the BBC have a graduate scheme to suit anyone’s specialism.

Visit the BBC Radio Lincolnshire website

Humberside Police is the police force responsible for covering North & North East Lincolnshire, Hull, and the East Ridings of Yorkshire. The force is headquartered in central Hull, a short journey over the Humber Bridge from North Lincolnshire. Humberside Police cover over 1300 square miles and protect just shy of 1 million people. Working for the police is a rewarding career suited to anyone who wants to make a difference. Whether you’re working as a frontline officer or in support roles such as administration or communications, you will have the pride to know you’re supporting the safety of the local community. Humberside Police employ over 3000 members of staff in a range of disciplines meaning there’s so much more involved in policing than just being an officer. If you have the desire to make a difference, there will be a role suited to you – no matter what your dream career path!

Visit the Humberside Police careers page

Once the home of the founding members of Boston, Massachusetts, and once one of the richest towns in England thanks to its thriving ports, Boston Borough is a district with a rapidly growing population and an ambitious district council. Whilst still maintaining individual identities, Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council have formed a strategic alliance to deliver efficient and effective services, whilst jointly saving £15.4m across 10 years. This alliance will also allow both councils to have a stronger voice when securing government funding. Boston Borough Council’s main objectives are to be people-focused, drive inclusive growth, facilitate environmental awareness and accountability, and use technology to deliver high-quality services. With competitive salaries, a strong focus on wellbeing and impressive support for learning and development, the Local Government at Boston Borough Council could be the first step in your graduate career.

Visit the Boston Borough Council career page

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