The Civil Services is a group of government departments that support the delivery of government policies. The Civil service is politically impartial and will work alongside whichever party is in power. As a branch of government, the Civil Services impacts every aspect of daily life from transport to defence, environment to education. The role of the organisation is in delivering policy change across every aspect of life, meaning that there’s endless opportunity for varying roles within the Civil Service. As well as working in front line roles such as veterinary services, web developer, marine biologist or customer service advisor, your role may also include advising ministers and developing future policy based on research and experience.

“Offering access to roles in just about every government department, the Fast Stream opens up a huge range of opportunities for you to explore. And because we look at your talent, not your background, age or degree subject, there’s nothing to stand in your way.”

Keep your eye out for the Fast Track scheme opening during your graduate year and check out this video for more information about working for the Civil Service.

Kamara Video is a Lincoln-based video production company providing commercial photography and video services for clients across Lincolnshire. By utilising the stunning capabilities of drones, Kamara supplies a unique form of video services using their creative and inspirational imagery to bring Lincolnshire’s companies and brands to life. With a focus on efficiency and keeping costs low, Kamara Video ensures local businesses get the most out of the services. As with many small businesses, staff can benefit from more personable working environments, allowing employees to be integrated and form strong relationships company-wide. Responsibilities and workload are dynamic, and you’ll find yourself dealing with a range of tasks – allowing you to develop a range of skills that you might miss out on in a larger organisation. At Kamara Video, you could tackle multiple projects and be creative in your pursuit to promote local clients.

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Rockstar Games is a video game publishing company headquartered in New York City and most known for producing the Grand Theft Auto series, with over 350 million copies sold. Operating in Lincolnshire from their office in North Hykeham, Rockstar Lincoln focuses on quality assurance and primarily involves game testing. A role in games testing gives you the pride in driving the quality assurance of industry-leading video games and ensuring users have an enjoyable experience. With updated workplace policies based on employee feedback, a career with Rockstar Games means you could take advantage of a range of benefits ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction. These benefits include gym memberships, impressive pension schemes, and product-based bonuses upon the completion of projects. Working for Rockstar Games in Lincoln allows you to be part of an internationally recognised game publisher whilst still benefitting from staying in the local area.

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Working in both print and digital media, Optima Graphic Design Consultants create and develop campaigns to strengthen the brands of both national and worldwide organisations. Optima Graphic Design Consultants have a strong portfolio of successes, having worked with clients across the world including the World Trade Organisation and WWF. One of their other successful projects involved designing the University of Lincoln’s referencing guides which you may have used once or twice! Their high-quality work has led to the business being included in the Top 100 Consultancy Businesses in Design Week UK for the past ten years. Communication, creativity and passion are incredibly important for the successful delivery of their award-winning work, so if you share these values then Optima may be the business for you. With regular vacancies in roles from graphic designers and web developers to administration staff, Optima offers something for everyone to join their creative team.

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Epix Media is an award-winning creative design agency that produces specialised websites for businesses across Lincolnshire. The Epix Media team is based at Think Tank, the University of Lincoln’s enterprise hub built to support the success of innovative businesses. As a group of talented creators, Epix Media collaborate on a wide variety of creative projects ranging from comprehensive web design to professional video production. The business thrives on creative collaboration and, as such, ensure that its office is a lively environment where everyone can make a difference. If you’re interested in staying local and want to work for a forward-thinking, fast-paced, marketing agency then Epix Media would offer a passionate environment to challenge and perfect your skills.

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Recently founded in 2017, Tended is a fast-growing software development company that develops bespoke wearable technology to make work environments as safe as possible. Their primary focus is the development of high-tech wristbands that support a range of safety functions to help prevent accidents in the workplace from social distancing alerts to panic alarms. Tended has quickly become an award-winning company with teams all over the UK who strive to stay ahead of the curve with new safety technologies. The company are incredibly passionate about the life-saving technology they create, and as such aim to develop a workforce that shares this passion. By placing a lot of trust and respect in their employees, Tended provide their team with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a fast-paced and impactful work environment. Combining psychology and behavioural sciences with wearable technology, Tended are an innovative, forward-thinking company that provide a variety of opportunities for graduates looking to make workplaces safer for everyone.

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Meta Mission Data is an innovative solutions-based organisation providing technological support for the defence sector. Put simply, the company provide cybersecurity to some of the leading defence organisations to prevent data threats and keep operations secure. Operating in Lincolnshire from their office in the city of Lincoln, Meta Mission Data is a subsidiary of the Internationally recognised Meta Aerospace, headquartered in London and Washington DC. The organisation has seen exceptional success since its inception and is trusted by the likes of Leonardo and the Ministry of Defence. To achieve this trust and success, Meta Mission Data offer a broad range of support to clients challenged by complex, multi-stakeholder projects, where evolving technology poses dynamic problems. With specialised offers worldwide, the business has a wealth of opportunities available for Computer Science and Engineering graduates and is a challenging employer for anyone looking to start their career in an innovative sector.

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CWM Studios is a marketing company that works throughout the UK with a studio based in Grantham. With various internal teams specialising in all aspects of advertising, including video production and web design, CWM Studios has established itself as an integrated agency providing industry-leading services across all areas of the marketing umbrella. CWM boasts custom-built, adaptable facilities built to support specific bespoke requirements. A career with CWM Studios would see you undertake exciting projects across all aspects of marketing, from brand marketing to graphic design. CWM Studios would be an excellent employer for anyone wanting to take their first steps into the marketing and design industry. With clients across the country, CWM’s national reach means that employees can network and establish relationships with individuals around the UK.

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Founded in 2015, DrumBEAT Marketing is a Lincolnshire-based marketing agency with an extensive technical background in professional advertising. Starting as a duo of experienced digital marketers, the business has rapidly evolved into an award-winning agency with ongoing expansion across the East Midlands region. DrumBEAT offers a comprehensive online marketing service to clients across the county with specialisms ranging from search engine optimisation to website design. A career with drumBEAT marketing allows you to work on versatile projects, ensuring your work never gets boring. Alongside this, every project would enable you to develop skills in various digital areas of the industry and hone your expertise. With their range of customers and the variety of work offered, drumBEAT would make an exciting employer for graduates looking to explore a career in marketing.

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With a net income of over £3 billion and nearly 300,000 employees worldwide, Siemens are a world-leading engineering and technology company with bases across the UK. Siemens offer plenty of graduate schemes in fields ranging from business and finance to engineering and computer science. Their large number of schemes ensures that there is plenty of opportunities for graduates to develop within the organisation in any number of specialisms. The Siemens Graduate Programmes provides graduates with the opportunity to upskill in a range of business disciplines, build their networks, and benefit from being part of a community of highly skilled graduates. There is also a host of benefits offered to employees at Siemens, including a suite of discount schemes, a regularly reviewed salary, bonuses, and a commission scheme. On top of this, there are several affordable programs to become a Siemens shareholder, allowing you to benefit further from the company’s success. With excellent wellbeing programmes and a corporate social responsibility scheme that allows every employee two paid volunteering days to support charitable causes, Siemens are a company that can help you develop as a graduate whilst supporting their community.

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