Lincolnshire Football Association is the not-for-profit governing body responsible for overseeing football in the county of Lincolnshire since their formation in 1881. As part of the national Football Association, working at Lincolnshire FA provides the personal feel of working within a close-knit team whilst providing the benefits and pathways of a national organisation. Headquartered just outside of the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire FA utilises football development and business partnership teams to support their work, now overseeing over 1,600 football teams in the county. Lincolnshire FA utilises partnerships with key external organisations, including schools and leisure centres, to provide recreational football, affiliated football, and coach education services to all corners of the county. This gives employees the opportunity to network with external stakeholders and develop a diverse skill set within their roles. Lincolnshire FA offers competitive salaries, a strong commitment to empowered personal and professional development, and a goal to diversify the volunteer workforce to support a more inclusive community in the county. Lincolnshire Football Association is a forward-thinking, progressive sports organisation that can provide a platform for you to make a difference in the region using the power of football.

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As one of 46 similar Wildlife trusts across the UK, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is one of the oldest trusts in the country. Since 1948 Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have been working to preserve the natural environment of the county by restoring natural habitats and promoting these values to the people of Lincolnshire. As part of this, Lincolnshire Wildlife trust runs a range of events and activities across the county, from art exhibitions to educational talks and workshops. The charity offers a variety of positions, including roles orchestrating their exciting projects or more hands-on roles on their nature reserves. On top of this, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust also offers a range of volunteering programmes that can give you some valuable experience working in conservation and events. If you’re looking for a career in an environmentally focused charity that works to promote their values to others, then Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust would be a brilliant organisation to work for.

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Doubletree by Hilton is an American hotel chain and part of Hilton Worldwide, with over 580 hotels in more than 47 countries. As a leading global hospitality company offering a range of luxury hotels, Doubletree by Hilton boasts 2 main locations in Lincolnshire – a hotel in the centre of Lincoln, and a Spa and Golf Resort in Brigg. Employees often express that; meaningful and enjoyable work, opportunities to grow their careers, and pride in the brand are key drivers of satisfaction in their jobs. Some of the unique benefits at Hilton include an enticing Travel Discount Program and the ‘Lead@Hilton’ holistic leadership development framework, giving employees the opportunity to reach their full potential from entry level to senior leadership positions. These benefits, alongside a range of wellbeing schemes make DoubleTree by Hilton an ideal graduate employer for anyone interested in working within the Hospitality sector. Fact: Doubletree by Hilton is famous for their warm cookies served to guests, which were originally only for VIPs in the 1980s. In 2019, Doubletree Cookie became the first cookie baked in space as ISS Commander Luca Parmitano baked the brand’s famous cookie dough.

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Woodside is a wildlife park within Lincolnshire that works in the conservation and breeding of endangered animals. Woodside currently has a wide variety of animals from Tiger and Crocodiles to Red Pandas. Conservation and the preservation of endangered species are at the heart of Woodside’s mission – currently, 20% of their animals are part of conservation projects, with the aim to increase this number to 50% over the next 10 years. For those interested in gaining experience working at a wildlife park or in conservation, Woodside frequently takes on volunteers. By offering quality experiences for volunteers, Woodside help to nurture the next generation of zookeepers and animal lovers. For those looking for their first steps into a career in conservation Woodside Wildlife Park would be an excellent introduction to an exciting career.

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Owned by Almarose Hotels and Resorts, Belton Woods is a four-star resort located near Grantham. Set in 475 acres of picturesque Lincolnshire Countryside, the resort boasts two PGA Championship-approved golf courses, as well as a variety of other sports and leisure activities. Within 45 minutes of Lincoln and an hour from King’s Cross by train, Belton Woods is well connected to host a range of guests year-round. As a relatively young company in the hospitality industry, Almarose prides themselves on their innovation and offer fantastic benefits to individuals that can make a difference to their team. These include family and friends discounts across the Almarose group, support with training and professional qualifications (including course fees), and a clear progression and career development pathway.

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Butlin’s is a seaside resort chain as part of the Bourne Leisure company in the hospitality and holidays sector with a large resort based in Skegness on the coast of the North Sea. The Skegness resort sees over 400,000 visitors annually and employs more people in the Skegness area than any other employer. The large scale of the resort means it functions like a small town and as such requires a diverse range of employee specialisms from energy management to entertainment to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in working behind the scenes of a large-scale leisure company, then Butlin’s might be for you. The energy management team were also involved with a Graduate Skills Builder project in 2019 which saw a small group of students pitch methods of improving sustainable energy usage at the resort through behaviour-based environmental solutions.

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Batemans Brewery is an independent family-owned hospitality business specialising in the production of award-winning alcoholic beverages. Their main brewery and visitors centre is located at the site of an 18th century windmill in Wainfleet, just outside of Skegness. Batemans also offer enticing business partnerships with the licensees running their pubs that involves a competitive Profit Partnership model put in place to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the proprietors and the publican. The company took part in the Graduate Skills Builder programme in 2019 and pitched a student-led project focussing on the improvement of their recruitment methods used to encourage and increase diversity in the licensees running Batemans pubs.

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Lincoln Business Improvement Group is a local organisation that aims to improve Lincoln’s profile as a retail and tourist destination. Lincoln BIG works together with local businesses to help develop projects and services that help with the development of the county. You will have most likely seen some of their work throughout the city through events such as the Lincoln Imp trail, as well as a variety of city centre events year-round.  By offering student placements to get involved in their services Lincoln BIG show their dedication to the progress of not only the city but also its people. Working at Lincoln BIG can be rewarding, as you make tangible differences within the region, with fantastic opportunities to network and form relationships with people and businesses alike.

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