Recently founded in 2017, Tended is a fast-growing software development company that develops bespoke wearable technology to make work environments as safe as possible. Their primary focus is the development of high-tech wristbands that support a range of safety functions to help prevent accidents in the workplace from social distancing alerts to panic alarms. Tended has quickly become an award-winning company with teams all over the UK who strive to stay ahead of the curve with new safety technologies. The company are incredibly passionate about the life-saving technology they create, and as such aim to develop a workforce that shares this passion. By placing a lot of trust and respect in their employees, Tended provide their team with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a fast-paced and impactful work environment. Combining psychology and behavioural sciences with wearable technology, Tended are an innovative, forward-thinking company that provide a variety of opportunities for graduates looking to make workplaces safer for everyone.

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Tracing its roots back over 100 years, Solenis is a leading global manufacturer of speciality chemicals. Solenis support a range of markets including chemical processing, biorefining, and power. Headquartered in Delaware, USA, the organisation boasts 39 manufacturing facilities worldwide, employing over 5,000 professionals in 120 countries. As such, Solenis would make an excellent choice for anyone wanting to stay local but with a drive to work for an industry-leading international organisation. Sustainability is a priority for Solenis who strive to reduce water, energy, and raw material waste to improve efficiency in their operations. The organisation offers full-time, paid internships to qualified students and flexible employment opportunities to graduates in various business disciplines. Solenis drive a culture of personal growth, investing in professional and personal development and committing to annual culture surveys. FACT: Solenis was recognised as a 2021 US Best Managed Company for excellent Management Skills and Practices.

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Solutions 4 Plastic is a Lincolnshire based eco-friendly manufacturing company that produce water-soluble, biodegradable and compostable plastics. Solutions 4 Plastic work with a range of materials and utilise their technical expertise to offer a range of sustainable products to their customers. The diversity of their product range means there are many areas of the company that you could work within, from production to marketing and beyond. For people looking to take their first steps into renewable and eco-friendly manufacturing, Solutions 4 Plastic offers Production Assistant roles as part of the KickStart scheme. Solutions 4 Plastic would make an excellent, forward-thinking employer for those wanting to take their first steps into an eco-friendly manufacturing career.

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With a net income of over £3 billion and nearly 300,000 employees worldwide, Siemens are a world-leading engineering and technology company with bases across the UK. Siemens offer plenty of graduate schemes in fields ranging from business and finance to engineering and computer science. Their large number of schemes ensures that there is plenty of opportunities for graduates to develop within the organisation in any number of specialisms. The Siemens Graduate Programmes provides graduates with the opportunity to upskill in a range of business disciplines, build their networks, and benefit from being part of a community of highly skilled graduates. There is also a host of benefits offered to employees at Siemens, including a suite of discount schemes, a regularly reviewed salary, bonuses, and a commission scheme. On top of this, there are several affordable programs to become a Siemens shareholder, allowing you to benefit further from the company’s success. With excellent wellbeing programmes and a corporate social responsibility scheme that allows every employee two paid volunteering days to support charitable causes, Siemens are a company that can help you develop as a graduate whilst supporting their community.

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Metsä Woods is a Finnish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, sustainable wood products with a base in Boston, Lincolnshire. The business is responsible for delivering products to construction and industrial customers in 14 countries across the world. Metsä Woods are part of the Metsä group, which means by joining the organisation you’ll have the opportunity to build your career within an internationally recognised business. Although they do not offer a graduate scheme, the company host a variety of graduate level jobs in a range of exciting areas such as Finance and Logistics. With a strong focus on sustainability, Metsä Woods ensures that they use 100% traceable wood whilst still maintaining their incredible efficiency and are generating forward-thinking initiatives to enable a sustainable long term business model. Metsä Woods also encourage the continuous improvement and development of all their employees and for anyone looking for a career in manufacturing or sustainability, Metsä Woods are an innovative employer who will support you to reach your full potential.

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Dynex Semiconductor specialises in the design, development, and production of High-Power Semiconductor modules and Power Assemblies. As an essential component of any electronic device that can generate, transmit, or utilise power, semiconductors are vital in a range of products. As such, Dynex’s work is essential for a technologically advanced future. With a base of operations in Lincoln, Dynex have provided their products across multiple projects globally that vary from power grids and renewables to transportation. In partnership with other leading semiconductor developers, Dynex have become a leading international semiconductor business. Dynex offers a range of benefits for their employees, from competitive salaries and discounts on shopping to higher education sponsorship and further training. The company recognise the value of graduates in the industry and are always looking to hire graduates from maths, physics or engineering disciplines. Their specialisms in engineering and semiconductor production mean that Dynex would make a brilliant fit for graduates of many STEM subjects, offering experience, training and knowledge to those with the desire to become leaders of the future.

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Coveris is a global packaging company, with several bases across Lincolnshire, that specialises in sustainable solutions for world-renowned brands. Coveris uses a high level of expertise to produce quality packaging for their customers with a focus on ensuring that their products remain sustainable. You’ve no doubt picked up one of their products before as Coveris has developed the award-winning packaging for many retailers such as Sainsbury’s, M&S and Tesco.  With their dedication to sustainability, Coveris would make an excellent opportunity for graduates who wish to join a leading company that works alongside respected brands and companies to build towards a greener future.

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Apogee is Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed print and document services. Founded over 25 years ago and operating from bases around the continent (including a facility just south of Lincoln), Apogee utilises innovative solutions to be the first-choice provider for organisations looking to optimise the way they produce and manage their documents and processes. With a focus on sustainability and development, Apogee’s values of passion, knowledge, and respect, drive the organisation’s culture and develops their identity. As an independent subsidiary of HP Inc, Apogee provide the benefits of working with one of the world’s leading technology companies as well as a smaller close-knit business.

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Operating for over 140 years, AMP Rose has developed into one of the world’s leading machine suppliers to the confectionary industry with internationally distributed products to over 80 countries worldwide. The company has built an envious reputation as a world-leading supplier of confectionery packaging machinery, operating out of their two facilities in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, and Bangalore, India – giving you the opportunity for potential international work. Employing over 130 staff, the main purpose-built facility boasts some of the best technology in the industry, including automated 3D design software and leading programming departments. By working with robotics and the latest assembly-line technology, AMP Automation designs top-of-the-range automation systems that push the industry forward. If you’re looking for a career in the engineering industry, then look no further than AMP- from designing state of the art robotics to programming bespoke design software, a career with AMP gives you the opportunity to put your studies into practice!

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If you’re looking for an employer leading the way in the manufacturing industry, look no further than Contitech Oil & Marine. The business is one of the 5 divisions that make up Continental, employing nearly 200,000 people in 58 countries worldwide. ContiTech develops, manufactures, and markets products ranging from ballistic materials to environmentally friendly construction solutions. As pioneers in their industry for over 60 years, ContiTech’s Grimsby facility focuses on underwater Oil & Gas hosing to support sustainable initiatives to tackle climate change. With a variety of graduate programmes available both within Contitech, and across the rest of the company, Continental offer some great opportunities for graduates to take the first steps of their career. These graduate programmes offer a variety of roles in corporate positions or more specific engineering roles, meaning that whatever your passion or skill set, there is a path for you. These schemes give you the chance to join a community of like-minded graduates striving to drive the future of the industry. FACT: The company is proud of its employee satisfaction statistics, with over 80% of their employees stating that they’re proud to work for them. That’s over 20% higher than the average!

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