As one of 46 similar Wildlife trusts across the UK, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is one of the oldest trusts in the country. Since 1948 Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have been working to preserve the natural environment of the county by restoring natural habitats and promoting these values to the people of Lincolnshire. As part of this, Lincolnshire Wildlife trust runs a range of events and activities across the county, from art exhibitions to educational talks and workshops. The charity offers a variety of positions, including roles orchestrating their exciting projects or more hands-on roles on their nature reserves. On top of this, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust also offers a range of volunteering programmes that can give you some valuable experience working in conservation and events. If you’re looking for a career in an environmentally focused charity that works to promote their values to others, then Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust would be a brilliant organisation to work for.

Visit the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website

We Are With You is a licensed charity that offers free confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health and has been offering services for over 50 years. Often shortened to ‘With You’, the charity has seen exceptional growth since its founding, now with 80 bases across England and Scotland – enabling them to reach over 100,000 people per year. With You’s services are delivered through various methods to ensure they effectively meet their clients’ needs, and they also deliver workshops in schools and prisons to support addiction awareness. On top of the enormous job satisfaction from working at With You, there are a variety of benefits employees can take advantage of. The charity offers flexible working, as well as protected time each week to learn and develop. Employees also have access to a 24/7 assistance programme and 2 days of paid volunteering leave each year – demonstrating We Are With You’s commitment to their community. Operating from centres across Lincolnshire including Skegness, Grantham, and Lincoln, We Are With You showcase a drive to recruit graduates from Psychology disciplines as they look to support the community using contemporary and innovative approaches.

Visit the We Are With You website

Children’s Links is a national charity providing support for children, young people, and their communities by delivering high-quality childcare, training & consultancy, and a range of other services. Founded in Lincolnshire and based in Horncastle, Children’s Links have a multitude of roles available for anyone with a passion for bettering the lives of young people in areas including education, business development or human resources. The organisation ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential by delivering a host of training sessions and support workshops. Children’s Links also offer a series of voluntary roles that can give you the experience of working with a charity and the opportunity to develop your skills. Children’s Links make a real, positive difference to the lives of young people – and you could be a vital part of it.

Visit the Children’s Links website

Based in East Lindsey and operating throughout the county, Linkage is a charity focused on providing high standard care, education and employment services to people with learning disabilities. Employing over 700 people, the charity supports clients with varying degrees of learning disabilities to reach their full potential. Linkage is a values-focused organisation that prioritises independence, respect, honesty, and teamwork so actively seek employees that share these values. The charity has the vision to allow those with learning disabilities to achieve their aspirations by providing opportunities, choices, and support. If you’re interested in working for a charity, Linkage Community Trust offers fantastic benefits to ensure a healthy work/life balance. The business also offers ongoing qualifications throughout employment to ensure you’re constantly developing your skills and making the most of your career development.

Visit the Linkage Community Trust careers page

Shine Lincolnshire is an award-winning charity organisation developing a network of individuals and organisations that help and support people in need. Providing essential services and support with a particular focus on mental health support, Shine Lincolnshire deliver workshops and resources with the aim to build a network of like-minded individuals striving to improve wellbeing across the county. As part of this, Shine Lincolnshire has developed an online service that gives users a simple, searchable directory to receive on-demand support. If you’re motivated to support others and strive to work in a people-focused environment, then Shine Lincolnshire would be a great place to develop your career and give back to the county. The charity also offers volunteering opportunities ranging from social media gurus to peer support workers, so if you want to get a feel for the workplace and help others in the process, then get involved!

Visit the Shine Network website

Every-One is a Lincolnshire based registered charity focused on supporting carers and the people they care for, by providing a range of targeted workshops and sessions to help carers, centred on wellbeing and employment. Every-One provides a range of placements and opportunities for students and recent graduates, ranging from research and analysis to marketing and public relations. Every-One welcomes enquiries for all opportunities and is keen to offer both short- and long-term placements to those looking to build experience in the workplace and community. Every-One has partnered with the University of Lincoln’s Workday programme, which utilised student consultancy to analyse and assess the efficiency of their online brand and messaging throughout their website. For those looking to get involved with charity work, a career at Every-One could be a great first step towards making a difference with your career.

Visit the Every-One Careers Page

ACIS Group is a registered charity based in Gainsborough providing more than 7,000 quality and affordable homes to people across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. If you have a passion for helping people and share the values of being honest, positive and ambitious, ACIS could provide you with the platform to make a difference in your graduate career. ACIS already have a strong relationship with the University of Lincoln thanks to their participation in the Graduate Skills Builder project  so you know that if you choose ACIS, you’ll be supported to reach your full potential. Employees can often benefit from financial assistance for eligible training programmes and support for professional accreditations. The company focus on more than just social housing, offering student accommodation to over a thousand residents across the East Midlands.

Visit the ACIS website

Double Impact is an addiction and education charity whose aim is to help people rebuild their lives after struggling with addiction. Double impact believes that addiction doesn’t need to destroy lives and as such work to support anyone struggling with the impact of addiction to improve and repair their lives. As a testament to how they transform lives, over 40% of the team are former addicts with many of them being ‘graduates’ from their services. Double Impact uses their in-depth knowledge of addiction struggles to help them cater their services to their users’ needs. Forward momentum is at the heart of Double Impact’s objectives, with the goal of constant improvement very much at the forefront of everything they do. If you’re looking for a career that will see you make a tangible difference in people’s lives the Double Impact Services would be an excellent fit for you.

Visit the Double Impact website

LEAP is a charity based within Lincolnshire set up to provide accommodation and support for vulnerable individuals. Originally founded to help vulnerable young people, LEAP has expanded its outreach to maximise the number of vulnerable individuals and families that they can support. LEAP is equally dedicated to supporting and developing its staff. Working for LEAP will be an exciting and fast-paced role that would see you in an environment that values your contributions and personal development while you work to better the vulnerable people of Lincolnshire. If you’re looking to make a change in people’s lives whilst working in a friendly and supportive team, then LEAP would make an excellent step into the charity sector.

Visit the Leap careers page

Headquartered in Grantham, Lincolnshire, The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, prioritising the creation, protection, and restoration of woodlands around the country. Maintaining ownership of over 1,000 sites covering over 29,000 hectares, with around 33% of this dedicated to ancient woodland, the Trust ensures public access to its woods. An eco-friendly headquarters was developed in 2010, with light shelves to distribute natural daylight and concrete panels to absorb thermal heat – with estimations suggesting that the timber structure saved the equivalent in carbon production as nine years of the building’s operation. Officially accredited with the ‘Investors in People’ award, the Woodland Trust create an environment that allows talented people to thrive, supporting a healthy work/life balance and ensuring employee wellbeing, allowing you to reach your full potential whilst making a difference.

Fact: The Woodland Trust has planted over 50 million trees since their inception in 1972.

Visit the Woodland Trust website

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