The Civil Services is a group of government departments that support the delivery of government policies. The Civil service is politically impartial and will work alongside whichever party is in power. As a branch of government, the Civil Services impacts every aspect of daily life from transport to defence, environment to education. The role of the organisation is in delivering policy change across every aspect of life, meaning that there’s endless opportunity for varying roles within the Civil Service. As well as working in front line roles such as veterinary services, web developer, marine biologist or customer service advisor, your role may also include advising ministers and developing future policy based on research and experience.

“Offering access to roles in just about every government department, the Fast Stream opens up a huge range of opportunities for you to explore. And because we look at your talent, not your background, age or degree subject, there’s nothing to stand in your way.”

Keep your eye out for the Fast Track scheme opening during your graduate year and check out this video for more information about working for the Civil Service.

Management Development Services deliver a unique graduate scheme to develop future leaders in the environment and agriculture industry. The graduate scheme is made up of a partnership of businesses around the country, all united in the common goal to equip young people with the necessary skills and experience needed to quickly climb the ladder to senior leadership within the industry. The programme provides graduates with the opportunity to work in four distinct roles split amongst four different businesses, which allows you to diversify your skillset and knowledge of the industry. This experience, combined with obtaining a Level 5 Leadership and Management apprenticeship qualification through the programme, enables you to be well equipped for your future career. This qualification is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and is developed with the industry in mind, making it the perfect route for graduates motivated to succeed in the AgriFood environment. On top of this, you can also take advantage of an employee assistance programme, as well as several financial benefits to support you in your placements such as a relocation allowance.On the programme, you could be working with:
• GreenYard
• Branston
• British Sugar
• Birds Eye
• Morrisons
• And many more…

View the MDS website

Chattertons is a top 200 law firm providing wealth management services in a range of award-winning areas from personal to business law. Practicing law for over 150 years, the company holds several industry-leading accreditations, making them one of the most decorated and well-respected law firms across the country. With 11 offices across the county and surrounding areas, including one in London, Chattertons Solicitors are a perfect graduate employer for anyone interested in working for a firm leading the way. To achieve this success, Chattertons Solicitors prioritise growth and ambition with their employees, enabling a strong focus on professional development within a range of roles across the organisation. A key part of this is their annual Trainee Solicitors Programme which allows graduates to work alongside solicitors to develop their skills and gain vital experience in a variety of law services. Chattertons Solicitors strive to help their staff develop throughout their careers, making them a fantastic organisation to begin a graduate career within the law industry.

Visit the Chattertons careers pages

As one of the largest employers in the area, Boston College has been providing high-quality further education for over 50 years, building a reputation for excellence throughout that time. The college now offers over 250 courses to around 4,500 students across the area. Boston College understands the importance of sustainability and has made a series of positive strides towards tackling climate change, including improved use of sustainable materials and rainwater collection initiatives. The college also has strong links with local employers, utilising their Employer Training Team to help local and national businesses grow from within. A career with Boston College encourages professional development through individual performance reviews and funding support towards additional qualifications. Staff can also take advantage of wellbeing support benefits, financial benefits, and a variety of discount schemes. FACT: Unique to Boston College is Lime, the College’s commercial training restaurant – offering high-quality food at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Visit the Boston College careers page

We Are With You is a licensed charity that offers free confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health and has been offering services for over 50 years. Often shortened to ‘With You’, the charity has seen exceptional growth since its founding, now with 80 bases across England and Scotland – enabling them to reach over 100,000 people per year. With You’s services are delivered through various methods to ensure they effectively meet their clients’ needs, and they also deliver workshops in schools and prisons to support addiction awareness. On top of the enormous job satisfaction from working at With You, there are a variety of benefits employees can take advantage of. The charity offers flexible working, as well as protected time each week to learn and develop. Employees also have access to a 24/7 assistance programme and 2 days of paid volunteering leave each year – demonstrating We Are With You’s commitment to their community. Operating from centres across Lincolnshire including Skegness, Grantham, and Lincoln, We Are With You showcase a drive to recruit graduates from Psychology disciplines as they look to support the community using contemporary and innovative approaches.

Visit the We Are With You website

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is the government body responsible for welfare, pensions, and child maintenance policy. As the UK’s largest public service department, the DWP employs over 96,000 people across the country. The responsibilities of the DWP include administering state pension, disability benefits, and other state benefits to over 20 million customers. The department is headquartered in central London but has offices up and down the country, including Lincolnshire. Working for the DWP provides a rewarding range of opportunities, all of which focus on aiding and assisting others. With a huge scope of mandates, projects, and job roles, you’re sure to find an active and engaging role that will utilise your skills and allow you to help others with their financial situations.

Fact: The department is committed to understanding and creating new strategies to combat poverty at its source and you could be part of that effort!

Visit the DWP careers page

Lincolnshire County Council is the governing body for the non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire. This doesn’t include North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, which are run by their own unitary authorities. The council is responsible for a variety of public services such as education, transport and waste management. As such, careers within local government are extremely dynamic, with opportunities across a range of departments and roles often arising. As part of the global effort to tackle climate change, Lincolnshire County Council aims to be net carbon zero by 2050 across all public sectors. All levels of local government ensure the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their area, making working for the region’s county council rewarding as you make large scale changes to people’s lives. Lincolnshire County Council is a people-focused organisation, providing a sense of community within their roles. You can earn a competitive salary, as well as benefit from a range of flexible working options and a host of training and development opportunities, on top of making a difference to your community.



Visit the Lincolnshire County Council website

With over 35 years of residential childcare experience, Esland Care delivers trauma-informed therapeutic services to children and young people, helping them to develop resilience and improve their wellbeing. With a clear mission of providing high quality, bespoke and specialist care and associated services to Local Authorities, Esland Care operates 31 sites across the East Midlands, providing a plethora of opportunities for health and social care graduates across the region. The business aims to provide the best quality care within a homely and nurturing environment where young people are encouraged and assisted to develop the skills and confidence to realise their full potential. This provides the opportunity to work in an altruistic and supportive field. Furthermore, Esland Care is a Gold Standard Investor in People, showcasing its commitment to ongoing training and development. Offering a competitive salary, dynamic roles supporting young people from a variety of backgrounds, and ongoing support for qualifications, a career at Esland Care can be rewarding in more ways than one.

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Greenyard is a global leader in fresh, frozen and prepared foods, taking recently harvested fruit and veg and conserving them so that households across the planet can enjoy fresh and healthy diets. Operating in Lincolnshire with a focus on their fresh and frozen divisions, in Spalding and Boston respectively, Greenyard is active in more than 20 countries. Sustainability is at the heart of what Greenyard does, but not only in the development of its products. The company have worked hard to build sustainable food chains, as well as decrease their carbon footprint – improving the sustainability of their business from field to fork. Greenyard has developed an environment for their employees that encourages their development to produce a quality crop of talented workers who share their passions for sustainability. With several sites within Lincolnshire, Greenyard makes an excellent employer for graduates interested in working within a company that provides products for leading retailers across the globe. Utilising their networks, Greenyard offers roles in a variety of fields, including marketing, sales, logistics, or even research and development – meaning that whatever your passion and skillset, there is a place for you in the agriculture industry at Greenyard.  Fact: Greenyard has a presence well outside of Lincolnshire – producing over 2 million tons of fresh fruit & vegetables and 780,000 tons of frozen & prepared products across over 20 countries.

Visit the Greenyard career page

Metsä Woods is a Finnish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, sustainable wood products with a base in Boston, Lincolnshire. The business is responsible for delivering products to construction and industrial customers in 14 countries across the world. Metsä Woods are part of the Metsä group, which means by joining the organisation you’ll have the opportunity to build your career within an internationally recognised business. Although they do not offer a graduate scheme, the company host a variety of graduate level jobs in a range of exciting areas such as Finance and Logistics. With a strong focus on sustainability, Metsä Woods ensures that they use 100% traceable wood whilst still maintaining their incredible efficiency and are generating forward-thinking initiatives to enable a sustainable long term business model. Metsä Woods also encourage the continuous improvement and development of all their employees and for anyone looking for a career in manufacturing or sustainability, Metsä Woods are an innovative employer who will support you to reach your full potential.

Visit the Metsa Woods website

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