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Living and working in Lincolnshire

Graduating from university can be daunting, but this website has been designed to help you find your dream graduate career in the county of Lincolnshire.

young male mechanic smiling at camera with cars in background
exterior Waterside Shopping Centre with swans on canal and people walking over bridge
female student in turtleneck jumper shrugging
Male and female students smiling sat in meeting with notepads
female student with books smiling at camera
young woman stood by till arms folded smiling at camera
man with afro in coffee shop with laptop looking off screen smiling
Female young professional holding paper folders and phone, smiling at camera
Woman sat in chair with laptop on lap typing with plants in background
middle aged man and woman smiling whilst looking at map in countryside field
male sitting at desk with headphones in ears looking at phone with hand drawn overlay of a newspaper
Two female shoppers pointing out items in shop window on steep hill in Lincoln with hand drawn overlays of an open sign and ice cream
Young Male Student at desk smiling at camera with phone and laptop, image is overlayed with hand drawn graphics of a phone and paper aeroplane
Headshot of Kyle Fotherby

Kyle Fotherby

The opportunities are all there, you just have to be smart with how you find them.
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Headshot of Lauren Saxby

Lauren Saxby

So much more going on in Lincolnshire, so many opportunities are available to make the most of.
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Daisy Sadeh

The job market is less competitive in Lincolnshir, which meant I could find jobs in industries I wanted to pursue more easily.
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